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Health Centre Team

Over many years, we have been extremely fortunate for the expert and professional support from members of our Health Centre Team. This Team has provided sound advice, guidance and have been instrumental in helping navigate our path toward a safe and healthy summer – every summer.

Dr. Herbert Brill, MD, MBA 

Herbert joined McMaster University in 2007 in the Division of Gastroenterology & Nutrition and is currently Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Lead for the Celiac Clinic and Hepatology Clinic at McMaster Children’s Hospital. He has been part of the Health Centre Team for many years and is passionate about being at camp with his 4 kids!


Dr. Jordan Carr, MD

For more than 20 years, Jordan has been a hospital-based pediatrician looking after both acute and chronic conditions working out of North York General and Scarborough General Hospital. As a long time Wahanowin alumni, Jordan is proud to be part of camp’s Health Centre Team and looking forward to ensuring summers are fun and safe for everyone.


Dr. Mara Cole, MD, MScCH

Mara is so excited to be back at Camp Wahanowin for her collective 17th season. Mara is an active clinician in the Department of Pediatrics at St. Joseph’s Health Centre and has a private practice in midtown Toronto. Camp has been an integral part of Mara’s life, and it is where she met her husband and has three daughters at camp!  They have made wonderful memories at camp, and can’t wait to make many more for years to come!


Dr. Karen Mandel, MD

Karen has done many things in her 30 year career as a Pediatrician. She is currently the Founder and Director of Durham KidsKare, a comprehensive Pediatric Clinic in Whitby. After working far too hard for far too long, she has decided to come back to Wahanowin during the summer! During the Winter, when she is not working, she likes to fly on the Trapeze!


Dr. Karen Swirsky, MD

When Karen is not at camp, she’s catching babies at St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto or taking care of families at the family practice clinic across the street. When Karen is not in the Health Centre, she loves to be out and about in camp and integrating into the FUN! She is so excited to be at camp with her family and continuing her forever dream of being a camp doctor!


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