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Why WahanowinOur Heritage

What is Wahanowin?

The land where Camp Wahanowin now stands was granted to one John McPherson in 1867. Using limestone from our site on Lake St. John he built the Stonehouse, the first settlement and post office in Simcoe County (our mail service remains excellent to this day). It was nearly 100 years later, in 1955, when Harold Nashman and his Mother, Anne (Bubby Nash), discovered the site and recognized it for what it was – a place for children to flourish. They opened Camp Wahanowin that same year, and the Nashman family has owned and operated Camp Wahanowin ever since.

50th Anniversary Reunion Slide Show

Camp is all about providing an environment that brings out the best in our children and we are thrilled with our experience at Camp Wahanowin. While great staff, facilities and programs keep our daughters smiling all summer long, we can clearly see how Wahanowin’s core values are helping her to build character,  leadership skills and self confidence.”

Stuart Baltman