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Whether it’s someone’s first time away from home or their 10th summer back, every camper is a valued member of the Wahanowin community. Learning to live, work and develop as a cabin, team, unit and camp is integral to the activities and programs we develop and implement at Wahanowin.




From developing new skills, to expanding comfort zones, to learning to work effectively as part of a team, we are passionate about knowing and celebrating our campers. We create a safe, supportive environment where every camper is given opportunities to learn about themselves, to become independent, more resilient and build confidence.



Family run since 1955

Since 1955, Camp Wahanowin has developed many traditions that are unique to our camp. We strongly value these traditions as they have a lasting impact on every Wahanowin experience. Whether you attended Wahanowin in its inaugural summer or last year, traditions that campers share are cherished across generations. While we remain forward thinking in our approach to camping, we enthusiastically celebrate and honour the many traditions of Wahanowin.

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