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Why WahanowinVision, Mission and Values

We use our vision and mission to guide us. We live our values each and every day. This is who we are.


A supportive community that inspires our campers and staff to become competent, confident and compassionate leaders


We achieve our vision through creating:

  • A safe environment where campers and staff feel included, supported and cared for
  • Friendships and memories to last a lifetime through intentional nurturing of healthy relationships and experiences
  • Fun, unique and innovative ways to motivate and enhance skill development and self confidence; and
  • An ‘unplugged’ space where the focus is on self-discovery and personal bests


We embrace and live the following values:


  • We create safe and supportive environments where everyone is given opportunities to learn, become independent, resilient and build confidence
  • We expand our comfort zones by embracing failure and imperfection and learning from our mistakes. We are not afraid to ask for help
  • We are committed to leadership development and continuous learning


  • We accept each person for who they are without judgement
  • We listen to each other
  • We act honestly and with integrity


  • We look out for each other and put others before ourselves
  • We take responsibility for caring and supporting each other and our environment
  • We are dedicated to teaching ourselves about the importance of giving back


  • We honour the past while embracing the future
  • We create a sense of comfort and belonging through the celebration of memories
  • We develop and inspire the next generation

Camp Wahanowin is where the seeds of independence are sewn and a child’s confidence is fostered.”

– Steven and Danielle Glowinsky

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