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Survivor 2018 Day 3

August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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The Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre at Camp Wahanowin is probably the most famous theatre in camping. Since 1955, every unit of every summer has performed a Broadway style musical show. We have an amazing tradition of excellent performances and every camper has the opportunity to lead and shine in their unit’s show. Each week during the summer a different unit prepares and performs a show. Campers audition (everyone gets a part), the cast is set and rehearsals take place for only a couple of hours each morning. The whole camp gets to watch and enjoy the show and cheer on their friends and family on stage. This is the only activity at camp where we encourage broken legs!
The theatre is also home to Friday night Shabbat services where each week a different unit is responsible for choosing a theme and performing their service for the rest of the camp. The service consists of singing both contemporary and traditional songs and speaking about the chosen theme which may include such topics as, friendship, charity, family, helping the world be a better place and making a difference. These inspirational evenings capture the true essence of camping and remind us how lucky we are to be sharing so many amazing moments together.