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Survivor 2018 Day 3

August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Waha Café

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Waha Café

Food, glorious food; There’s no better way to satisfy the appetite of any camper for a fun and filling activity. So, there’s always something cooking at the Waha Café. Campers have the opportunity to learn how to bake, cook and prepare some delicious, tasty treats. Lead by enthusiastic and experienced staff, each camper is given an assignment to help in the set up, cooking and cleaning up of their chosen snack. The menu consists of cupcakes, nachos, sundaes, blizzards, KD, cookies and anything else the Café staff might have in store. The Waha Café is a scheduled camper cabin activity and is open three times a week at General Swim. So get your chef on and get cooking at the Waha café!