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Survivor 2018 Day 3

August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Mountain Biking

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Mountain Biking

With twenty-five high-tech bikes, the Wahanowin Mountain Bike program is tearing up the track. Qualified and experience staff ensure the bikes are properly serviced and ready to go, and teach the campers the basics in riding techniques, bike maintenance and riding styles necessary to negotiate obstacles you encounter when mountain biking. All level of riders will be challenged by our terrain and unique facilities. We offer rides around camp on several trails as well as a radical BMX course with hills, jumps, moguls, ramps and a teeter-totter. A great highlight for all riders is our 500 metre rollercoaster riding trail atop a berm that campers can race across for a real thrill. If you are new to riding, don’t be concerned because  several campers each summer learn to ride for the first time and become quite proficient by the end of their stay. So grab your helmet and get ready to go big and extreme on our awesome bikes. Mountain Biking is a regularly scheduled cabin activity and is offered three times a week at General Swim.