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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Creative Arts

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Arts and Crafts

Beading, gimp/boondoggle, bracelets, hemp, paper mache`, foam puppets, painting, scrapbooks, nature art and so much more are all part of Arts and Crafts. This very popular activity allows campers to use their creative powers and produce amazing work. All the projects are designed so campers can complete them in one or two activity periods and the nicest part is that they get to take their work home and show mom and dad.

Copper Enamelling 

This activity focuses on jewellery making using a variety of shapes and enamel colours. In just one period, campers can complete one or two pieces, make a bracelet or necklace and wear it back to their cabin. Instant creativity and success is the perfect formula to a very popular and enjoyable activity. 


Pinch a pot, make a medallion or create your own unique creature at the pottery studio. But whatever you do, you’ll have fun getting your hands dirty moulding your clay into your own special project. After firing comes the chance to paint your piece with glaze and then one more time in the kiln and your work of art is ready to go. Pottery is a fantastic opportunity for campers to create beautiful pieces of art that will literally last a lifetime.


This is one of the most industrious activities in camp as both boys and girls love to build and create amazing wood projects. Board games, shelves, boxes, initials, cabin games, toys and wooden animals are all part of the very busy and exciting wood shop. Experienced staff, demonstrate how to use hand tools and allow campers to hammer, saw, screw, glue, file and sand wooden pieces into creative and fantastic projects. It’s amazing to watch the commitment and dedication campers demonstrate in working on and completing their masterpieces of wood. 
All our Creative Arts activities are scheduled cabin activities and are available three times a week at General Swim. So get creative and let you true artistic abilities shine through!