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Camp Wahanowin Reviews

Welcome to Camp Wahanowin

Camp Wahanowin is a summer camp located in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Camp Wahanowin reviews, for over 60 years, it has been a place of fun and adventure for children and teens from all over the world. With its scenic location on the shores of Lake Couchiching, Camp Wahanowin offers a wide range of activities that cater to every interest, from sports and arts to water activities and outdoor adventure.

In the words of our campers At Camp Wahanowin

Campers at Camp Wahanowin love their experience. “It’s the best summer camp ever!” they say. “I had so much fun and made so many new friends.” One camper shared, “I was shy when I first came, but everyone was so friendly that I quickly found my place. Now, I can’t wait to come back next year.” Another camper added, “I loved trying new things, like rock climbing and archery. I never thought I could do those things, but with the help of my counselors, I did it!”

A summer they’ll never forget At Camp Wahanowin

For many campers, Camp Wahanowin is a summer they’ll never forget. The camp offers a packed schedule of activities from dawn to dusk, making sure that campers have a blast from start to finish. From water skiing and wakeboarding to arts and crafts, there’s never a dull moment at Camp Wahanowin. The camp also organizes overnight camping trips, where campers can experience the thrill of sleeping under the stars and roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Memories to last a lifetime At Camp Wahanowin

At Camp Wahanowin, campers take home memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s the friends they make, the new skills they learn, or the adventures they have, the experiences at Camp Wahanowin stay with them forever. Campers often reminisce about the time they spent at the lake, swimming and kayaking with their friends. They also remember the talent shows and the dance parties, where they had the chance to show off their skills and have fun with their peers.

In conclusion, Camp Wahanowin is a summer camp that offers an unforgettable experience for children and teens. With its beautiful location, friendly staff, and diverse activities, it’s no wonder that campers give it rave reviews. If you’re looking for a summer camp that will provide your child with memories that will last a lifetime, then look no further than Camp Wahanowin.

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