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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Waterski, Tube, Wakeboard, Wakesurf

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One of the most popular activities at camp, waterskiing is full of fun, excitement and the chance to quickly advance to higher levels. Our fleet of 3 sleek J-Crafts and a Tige wakeboard boat plus the latest and greatest ski equipment make our ski program one of the best in any camp. From beginners (who learn on one of our two booms) to advanced slalom and barefoot skiers, we have the top notch equipment and staff to ensure every camper has the opportunity for success and skill development. Waterski is offered as a regular cabin activity plus is open everyday for extra skiing at General Swim.


Imagine skimming across the water at high speed with the wind in your face and the water splashing at your sides. That’s the fun and excitement of tubing behind one of our exhilarating ski boats. We have both a three person and four person tube so campers can enjoy this wild ride with their cabin mates.  All our ski staff are qualified instructors and experienced drivers so that they control the speed and ensure the ride is exciting yet very safe and fun. So jump on one of our tubes and we’ll whip you into shape! Tube is a scheduled cabin activity combined with ski and is also available everyday at General swim.


Just like snowboarding, wakeboarding has taken the ski scene by storm. This radical sport is a great way for campers to try out some tricks, jump the wakes and get into the extreme scene of wakeboarding. Our brand new wakeboard boat (the Tige) has an adjustable wake so all levels of wakeboarders can get up, challenge the wakes and have a great time. Wakeboard is a cabin activity combined with Wakesurf and is also available everyday at General Swim.


Who needs Hawaii or the California Coast when we can create our own “curl” right at Wahanowin! The latest and greatest water craze has hit the beautiful Wahanowin shores with our amazing Wakesurf program. The entire cabin jumps into our fully equipped wakesurf boat and off they go for a period of the coolest activity around. Campers are pulled up by the boat on a short rope, gain their balance, find the curl in the giant wake (produced by our wakesurf boat), let go of the rope and then surf on their own around the lake. Now, that’s cool, dude! The learning curve is surprisingly steep and campers catch on after a few tries. This awesome adventure is also a cabin activity and is also offered everyday at General Swim.