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Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Zipline

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Ropes Course

Wahanowin was one of the first camps in Canada to install a ropes course back in 1985 so it would be appropriate to say that “we know the ropes” when it comes to Ropes. Our ropes program includes Cooperative Games, an Initiative Tasks area with eight low elements for team building and cooperation as well as two separate Ropes Course areas offering fourteen high elements to challenge every camper to expand their comfort zone, gain confidence and achieve new heights. Our qualified and experienced staff ensure the utmost safety is maintained at all times and act as motivators to inspire campers to reach their potential. A really nice aspect of our program is that it offers a wide variety of options and challenges so that every camper will achieve success based on their own personal goals and how willing they are to challenge themselves. Ropes Course is a regularly scheduled cabin activity and is available three times a week at General Swim.

Climbing Wall

Rising 14 metres (over 40 feet) above the ground, the Wahanowin Climbing Wall offers high adventure to every camper. Two separate climbing faces allow four campers to be climbing at the same time. One face is geared more for beginner and intermediate climbers while the other face is more challenging for the experienced climber with two overhangs to overcome. As long as campers are willing to try, they are successful and will definitely reach new heights. As campers gain more skills they are further challenged by various handicaps introduced by the staff as well as trying to beat the fastest time. Climbing Wall is combined with the Zip Line and is offered as a regularly scheduled cabin activity and is available three times a week at General Swim.

Zip Line

One of the most thrilling adventures in any camp anywhere is our 150 metre Zip Line that gives campers the ride of their life as they fly over the Wahanowin fields. Starting fifteen metres above the ground, campers are attached to a special harness and pulley system and then take a giant leap of faith as they begin their exciting ride across the sky. Campers get to the take off platform by either climbing our climbing wall or by climbing up a ladder inside the climbing wall. Campers are always “on belay” and safely harnessed from the time they leave the ground until they return from their high speed adventure. Zip Line is combined with Climbing Wall and is a regularly scheduled cabin activity and is available three times a week at General Swim.
All our Ropes Course activities are fun, exciting, challenging and allow every camper to succeed, gain confidence and lead and shine!