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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Katie Maalouf

Program Director - Director of Warm-Up Programs

Education Status:

Katie completed her bachelor of education and is currently teaching grade school at Crestwood Prep! Katie graduated from Brock University in 2009 where she majored in political science.   

Previous Camp Experience:

This is Katie's 16th summer at Wahanowin. During her time at camp she has held many different positions. She spent three seasons as a counselor in main camp, six seasons as a unit head, and one amazing summer as co-head counsellor. Katie is very excited for another position; Program Director/Warm-Ups this summer.

Favourite Camp Memory:

After 15 incredible seasons at Wahanowin it is hard for Katie to imagine a summer spent anywhere else. The campers, staff and directors with whom she has had the pleasure of working with over the years have become like a second family to Katie.  The memories she has made will be sure to last her a life time. Therefore choosing just one is an impossible task (though…FINALLY getting to be in the 15 Year service last summer is definitely up there).  Katie looks forward to making many more amazing memories at Camp Wahanowin!