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Survivor 2018 Day 3

August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Bruce & Patti Nashman


Bruce was born and bred at Camp Wahanowin. Growing up in a camp family has allowed him to experience all aspects of camp life from camper and C.I.T. to ski staff, unit head, and Program Director. After completing his B.A. at York University, Bruce made a commitment to continue the Nashman family tradition at Wahanowin. In this regard he pursued a Master of Science degree in Leisure Studies and Services at the University of Oregon. For over 20 years Bruce has worked full time as Camp Director. Together with his wife Patti and three children, Hannah, Rachel, and Sam. Bruce looks forward to many more fulfilling, rewarding, and exciting summers at Wahanowin.

Patti Nashman was not a camper growing up but you'd never have known it by the way and the level of intensity she contributes to camp these days. Patti is a Social Worker by profession receiving her BA, a BSW from York University, and an MSW from UofT. She is a mother of three and is constantly striving for new and effective ways of parenting and raising children. Patti brings her skills and expertise to Wahanowin and handles special camper needs, homesickness and acts as a surrogate mother for all campers during their stay at camp. Her latest mission is to teach respect and tolerance of others and eliminate teasing, exclusion, and bullying at camp.

Bruce and Patti have been married 20 years and form a strong, dynamic, caring, and committed leadership team in directing Camp Wahanowin.