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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Land Sports

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Everyone’s a winner at the Wahanowin Sports Programs. We get our game face on by focusing on fun, participation, physical fitness, skill development and teamwork. House leagues, tournaments and inter-camp play provide a dose of healthy competition. We’re fan-atic about sports!

Here’s a quick highlight of our top five sports and our facilities:


This is the sport with the richest and longest history at Wahanowin. We have three baseball diamonds (two with homerun fences) and all the latest equipment (bats, balls, bases, catcher’s equipment). Campers are taught the basics of hitting, catching and throwing as well as game rules and strategy. We have inter-camp teams for boys and girls of all age groups and have a very busy schedule of games throughout the summer.


Our fantastic basketball facility includes a full size court with glass backboards as well as four more hoops to accommodate two half court games. The basketball court is always a hub of activity with campers playing pick-up basketball, shooting hoops, playing bump, horse or 21. During regular activity time, campers are taught dribbling and shooting skills, as well as game rules and strategy. We have inter-camp teams for boys and girls of all age levels and visit and host several camps throughout the summer.


The Wahanowin hockey oval is a fabulous boarded facility with safety fencing around the rink on top of the boards. This highly popular activity allows campers to pursue this Canadian tradition all summer long. We supply all the equipment including sticks, balls, safety goggles and goalie equipment. Campers work on basic shooting and passing drills and really enjoy a pick-up game or scrimmage. We have two camp teams that represent Wahanowin when we visit or host other camps.


This beautiful game is a great and popular one at camp. Campers have a ball on our soccer “pitch” and get a real kick out of this fun and exciting sport. Ball control, shooting and passing are some of the fundamentals that campers work on. Of course the most popular part of the period is game time when campers get to show off their skills. We have both boys and girls inter-camp teams as well as a mixed team that compete against other camps. 


Volleyball at Wahanowin is played on the sand at our beach volleyball courts. This fun in the sun activity is always busy with campers serving up a good time. Traditional volleyball as well as catch and throw “Knukumball” are part of the program. This is a great sport for all ages because it is easy to learn, play and improve in a short period of time. We do have one camp team that represents Wahanowin at inter-camp competitions. 
All our Land Sport activities are regularly scheduled cabin activities and are available three times a week at General Swim. So get ready to hit a homerun or three pointer, score a goal or spike a point at one of our super sports at Wahanowin!