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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Job Descriptions

What are we Looking for?

We are looking for staff to fill positions for Wahanowin only or in conjunction with a 4-month position.

  • Fun, Creative, Flexible and Skilled
  • Enthusiastic, Team Playing, Dedicated
  • Preference to people with previous camp experience
  • Preference to people with First Aid, CPR, specific skills and qualifications


Counsellors are assigned to a particular cabin of eight to twelve campers, in a chosen age group. They accompany these campers to program areas where they take an active role by participating with campers and assist the activity instructors. Counsellors are also responsible for maintaining the daily routine of the cabin; wake-up, clean up, meals, bedtime, evening programming, etc.

  • Counsellors: Child care experience


Activity Instructors

Activity Instructors teach campers the various programs offered at camp . All instructors live in a cabin group, assist counsellors with daily routine and participate in evening and special programs. Instructors are responsible for the creation and implementation of their program, adapting it for all the age and skill levels of our campers.

  • Archery: Archery skilled
  • Arts and Crafts: Craft experience
  • Café: Cooking and nutrition knowledge
  • Canoe Tripper: Tripping experience, Bronze Cross minimum, post secondary
  • Canoe/Kayak: Knowledge of strokes and boats, Bronze Cross minimum
  • Dance: Modern and Jazz dance experience
  • Fishing: Fishing knowledge, Bronze Cross minimum, Pleasure Craft Operator certified
  • Fitness: Aerobics experience, fitness and nutrition knowledge
  • Golf: Golf knowledge, grounds keeping skills
  • Mountain Biking: Knowledge of biking and bike maintenance
  • Pottery: Knowledge of clay and kiln
  • Radio Station: Broadcasting experience
  • Riflery: Riflery skilled
  • Ropes Course: Ropes and Rock climbing experience, belay experience
  • Sail Staff: Sail experience, Bronze Cross minimum (Laser/Laser IIs)
  • Sports: Diverse knowledge & skills, coaching experience (Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Softball)
  • Stand-Up Paddleboard: Bronze Cross minimum
  • Swimming: Current Red Cross Instructors, Lifesaving Instructors, plus NLS
  • Tennis: Tennis skills, knowledge of the game
  • Trapeze: Trapeze experience and training (resort or circus school)
  • Tuck Shop: Retail experience
  • Water Skiing/Wakeboard: Ski skills, teaching experience, Pleasure Craft Operator certified, Bronze Cross minimum
  • Wood Shop: Carpentry skills



Support Staff are responsible for all of the "behind the scenes" areas of camp life. Wahanowin's support staff do not live with campers, but are welcome to join a cabin group and participate with them when not on duty. Our support staff areas consist of our Dining Hall, Maintenance and Housekeeping. 

  • Baker: Dessert cooking and baking experience (4 months: May to August)
  • Dining Hall: Restaurant serving experience (2 months: July-August) 
  • Kitchen: Restaurant, food prep experience (4 months: May to August)
  • Housekeeping: Cleaning experience (2 months: July-August)
  • Maintenance: Electrical, Carpentry or Plumbing experience, driver's license, drive standard transmission (4 months: May to August)
  • Office: Friendly, outgoing, pleasant telephone manner, computer literate (2 months: July-August) 
  • Potwasher: Related experience (4 months: May to August)
  • Tuck Shop: Retail experience (2 months: July-August) 


Health Care Staff

Health Centre Staff: 3rd year Nursing student, graduating or current RN (4 months: May to September and 2 molnths: June-August positions available) 

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