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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Health & Safety


A healthy camp is a happy camp. That is why maintaining camper health is a top priority at Camp Wahanowin. A physician and four nurses staff our fully equipped health centre. Regular doctor's hours accommodate all campers and staff that require medical attention and around the clock care handles any emergency situations. Orillia's Soldiers Memorial Hospital is located just 15 minutes from our site.

Additional Health Centre Services:

  • Camp wide lice checks upon arrival
  • Epi Pen training for all staff
  • Regular medication dispensing
  • Sun protection protocol

Download the Wahanoguide for further Health Centre procedures.

Safety & Security

You are entrusting us with your children and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are therefore committed to providing a safe and secure camping environment for all our campers and staff.

Our Safety Assurance:

  • All waterfront staff qualified lifeguards
  • Camper supervision during free time
  • First aid kits at all specialty areas
  • Many staff certified in first aid and CPR
  • Night duty from camper bedtime until curfew
  • Night Watchman on duty
  • OCA accredited
  • Risk management of site, facilities and activity areas strictly enforced
  • Thorough staff screening

Your child will be safe with us.