Camp Wahanowin

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Campsite & Facilities

Wahanowin is located on a 150-acre campsite along the shore of Lake Couchiching, just 90 minutes from Toronto. Though a short distance from the city, the camp is nevertheless secluded from urban noise and pollution. The crystal clear waters of Lake Couchiching provide some of the best swimming and boating in Ontario.


The campsite itself is rolling countryside made up of attractive woodlots and spacious open fields. There is ample space for extensive land sports, riding trails and nature hikes with lots of untouched areas for exploring. Additional acreage and shoreline on nearby Lake St. John provides a wilderness camping area plus tranquil waters for extra skiing, fishing and canoeing.


Our outstanding sports and art facilities include a fully equipped theater, eight recreation halls, numerous arts and craft studios, tennis, basketball courts, a nine hole golf course plus a complete waterfront for swimming, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and water skiing. Rustic but comfortable cabins have both electricity and indoor plumbing facilities and there is a fully equipped Health Care Center and spacious Dining Hall.