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Survivor 2018 Day 3

August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Dining Hall

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Dining Hall

Dating back to Bubby Nash and Yetta Nashman, Wahanowin has always been known as the camp for delicious and nutritious food. This tradition is carried on by our Assistant Director and master menu planner, Tan Robertson. In addition we are lucky to have our Head Executive Chef, Kay Bonsu that has over 25 years experience in the food service industry. Wahanowin is not only known for great food but the ability to accommodate many special dietary requirements. We cater to vegetarians, lactose intolerant campers and staff, celiac and gluten free diets as well as “picky eaters”. We also offer a kosher meat option (additional charge for kosher) to campers that are to used to kosher meat at home. In fact, we hire a kitchen staff specifically responsible for all special diets. 
In addition to three amazing meals a day, we offer a morning “snack attack” and an evening snack to all campers every day. The older campers get “Grove Snack” three times a week which consists of a more substantial evening snack like a hamburger, hot dog, pizza, nachos or a giant pretzel with toppings. Of course, what would camp be like without the Tuck Shop for candies, treats, chips, chocolate bars, drinks and slushies. Campers receive tuck three times per week and all it costs them is a letter home to mom and dad. 
Bon Appetite!