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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Dance, Fitness

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From hip hop to modern to break to Jazz and everything in between, the dance program at Wahanowin is always moving and shaking. Lead by professional, experienced and high energy staff, campers learn a variety of techniques and routines and have a great time every step of the way. Dance has become a very high profile and important activity at camp as it plays a part in many special events, some of these include; the Pep Rally, Olympiad, Colour War, Dancing With the Staff and of course our fabulous Theatre Program. The big highlight every summer is the multi-camp Dance Inter-camp Competition hosted at Wahanowin. Two groups of campers from each camp (one older and one younger), prepare and perform their routines in front of the other teams, all the campers from Wahanowin and a panel of celebrity judges. This, as well as all the special dance programs that take place throughout the summer, give campers the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and lead and shine amoungst their peers. 


One of the amazing benefits of camp is the active and healthy lifestyle all campers and staff lead throughout the summer. Campers are busy and involved from early morning until bedtime walking, running, playing and participating in activities all around camp. As an added bonus to our Dance Program, we offer a Fitness component to specifically target strengthening of muscles, increasing cardio endurance and improving overall health. Fitness walks, circuit training, free weights, isometrics, aerobic activities in the dance studio, on the fields and even in the lake are all part of the fitness and health program. Campers get a great workout, have fun and stay healthy all summer. In fact, due to the many activities at camp, campers often continue their active lifestyle back in the city by joining the same or similar program they were introduced to at camp.
Dance/Fitness is a regularly scheduled cabin activity and is offered three times a week at General Swim.