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'This Place I Know'

October 13, 2017 at 4:03 pm

Introducing the Brand New Wahanowin Anthem Video: “This Place I Know” Check out this amazing new song and video and relive the Proud moments and memories of the sensational summer of 2017! “This Place I […]

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No camp would truly be a camp without canoeing. This traditional and very enjoyable activity takes place in our cozy bay lead by qualified and enthusiastic staff . Parts of the canoe and paddle are taught as well as the basic strokes (J, sweep, draw,) and the fundamentals of how to stern a canoe. Campers can pass their levels and even learn to solo. Canoe is a scheduled cabin activity and is offered three times a week at General Swim.


This great paddling activity can be done solo or with one or two cabin mates on our tandem and triple kayaks. We also have open sea kayaks, recreational kayaks and the traditional R5 and R7 kayaks with cockpits. Campers learn the basic skills of paddling technique and proper navigation when they’re out on the water. It’s also a great fitness activity and the best part is that as soon as you work up a sweat, you just roll into the lake to cool off. This is a scheduled cabin activity and is also available three days a week at General Swim.

Boogie Boarding

Campers pair together or triple up and enjoy the Wahanowin “boogie boards” (surfboards) in the cool and refreshing waters of lake Couchiching. Paddling races, balancing contests, piano key races (walking across several boards) and riding the waves on rough days are all part of this laid back cool and enjoyable activity. So come on down to boogie boarding and “Hang Ten”. This is a scheduled cabin activity and is also available three times a week at General Swim.