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60th Anniversary Reunion

There was no better way to celebrate our 60th Anniversary than by spending a day with the people who have contributed to Wahanowin’s story throughout the years. It’s impossible to describe the experience as campers and staff of past and present gathered once again on the shores of Lake Couchiching. So rather than trying to explain it… Why don’t we just show you! Take a look at some of the fantastic highlights from the Camp Wahanowin 60th Anniversary Reunion. Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog: Friendships and Memories to Last a Lifetime!


Back in the early 80’s the movie “The Big Chill” came out about a group of high school friends getting back together after a couple of decades and reminiscing about days gone by. I had the same feeling all day Saturday as we celebrated the 60th Anniversary Reunion at camp. Except, in our case, 350 Wahanowin alumni got back together for one huge chill and to relive many wonderful camp memories. And what a spectacular day we had. The weather was perfect, the activities were exciting and fun, the food was delicious but most of all, the opportunity to be back at camp with close friends was priceless!

Seeing the faces of all the visiting alumni and watching the interactions of old friends was inspiring and reminded me of the impact this place has had on so many. There was a real energy in camp that day of sincere love and appreciation for the opportunity to have spent several summers at Wahanowin. It’s amazing that after being away for 10, 20 or more years, the memories come flooding back immediately and after just two or three hours everyone felt like they had never left. This same feeling was unanimous throughout the camp. We don’t always appreciate how much camp has shaped our lives but when you are away for a while and then return, there’s this instant awareness of how special the time was at Wahanowin.  Continue reading »


Meet the 2014 Unit Heads: Jessica


Jessica Goodman – PeeGee UH

Hello Camp Wahanowin!

Although there are still quite a few months before the summer begins, I am already looking forward to another amazing summer at camp! The 2014 summer will be my 14th summer at camp and my second as a unit head. Last summer I had an unforgettable experience as the Eagle Unit Head, which was my best summer yet! Now I’m equally excited for this summer to move up into the grove and help make the PG unit have the time of their lives. My summer as a PG camper was one of my best. It was the summer my cabin started to form a really strong bond and start to become young leaders at camp.  We didn’t just have an amazing time at camp, but we also became closer during the 10 months of the year we aren’t at camp. As a staff member, being a counsellor in the PG unit was also one of my most memorable summers that I spent with my camper. 

Each summer I return to camp for the unforgettable memories. Since my first summer as a Bear camper I stayed the full two months at camp, and every summer since then, because I couldn’t imagine ever leaving before I had to. 14 years later, my feelings for camp have never changed. The friendships I have made with all my campers and other staff, the experiences I have received and the memories that I will never forget, is what keeps me coming back summer after summer.

To the PG unit of 2014 – get ready for the most amazing time of your life. I’m beyond excited to make memories with all of you and ensure that you have your best summer yet!

I hope you’re all as excited as I am!


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Meet the 2014 Unit Heads: Jo Glow

Jo Blog 2

Joanne ‘Jo’ Glowinsky – Main Camp UH

Hi everyone!

As I write this I am reflecting on my past summer as a unit head for the Grad Unit of 2013. As a 1st year unit head, I was quite nervous upon my arrival to camp, and I was not sure what to expect. All I knew was that I would be introduced to plenty of new faces, and this frightened me. Within hours, I felt a connection with all the campers and staff in my unit, and as soon as I could realize, one spectacular summer had already flown by. I wonder whether or not the Grad Unit of 2013 is entirely responsible for allowing me to experience such an incredible summer. As much as I loved my staff and campers, and as much as I’d like to thank them for 2 unforgettable months, I realize that they are just one part of this magical thing we call camp. Continue reading »

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Meet the 2014 Unit Heads: Hannah

Hannah 1

Hannah Albrechtsons – BB-Bear UH

Hi everyone!

As I write this I have a huge smile on my face—how can you not be happy when you think about Wahanowin?!

I first came to the shores of Lake Couchiching when I was in high school for National Music Camp. I was truly amazed by the spirit of the camp and the kind camp staff. After my first year of university I applied to be Core Staff and was so delighted when Pete offered me a job! I was born in Calgary, Alberta, but grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland—and although Wahanowin is a 3-½ hour plane ride away, it quickly began to feel like home.

My first year at camp was in 2011. I enjoyed lifeguarding and teaching canoeing as Waterfront Staff in the spring of, but nothing could top the joy and privilege of being a BB-Bear counselor for the beautiful girls of Cabin 6. It was an incredible summer, and when it had to end (with lots of tears!) I was already counting down the minutes until next summer on the plane ride home. Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog: The Summer of Celebration


2014 has arrived and even though we’re in the middle of one of the harshest winters in many years, the summer will be here before we know it. And what a summer it will be! Wahanowin’s Diamond Jubilee, our 60th Anniversary Season will be full of tremendous excitement, fabulous fun and all the wonderful wonders Wahanowin has to offer. New toys on the waterfront including new boogie boards, a rope swing and another element added to the waterpark plus a high adrenaline apparatus added to our ropes course platform that simulates a bungee jump will keep the heart pumping and energy going all summer. A fabulous farming program is being introduced that will not only be fun and a tremendous experiential learning opportunity, but will also be very rewarding as campers will have the chance to harvest and eat what they’ve planted. New evening programs and theme days will be introduced as well as a high energy, super spirited brand new dining hall experience for every meal (in addition to our marvellous meals). Plus, so many super staff and a huge head staff team will be returning to ensure 2014 is the best summer ever! Continue reading »

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