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The New Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre

The new Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre is the talk of the town! You’ve seen the amazing photos… but now’s your chance to see how it all came together. WahaTV has been documenting the entire process from day 1 of construction and we’re excited to take you behind the scenes for an up close look at how this amazing building came to be! We can’t wait for all of the spectacular shows and services that will take place in this new theatre for many many years to come! Continue reading »


Bruce’s Blog: Standing “O”


The third unit show of the summer is in the books and for the third week in a row I’ve been compelled to rise to my feet at the end and give a standing ovation. Camp Wahanowin is officially the most talented camp in camping! The singing, dancing and acting have all been triple threat amazing! Every unit, every age group and every show has had significant performances by incredibly talented kids supported by a very enthusiastic, committed and professional cast. It’s so fitting that this year, our 60th Anniversary with the official closing of the old Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre combined with the official opening of the new Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre, would be so special with so many amazing performances.

The unit shows are not the only spectacular showcases of talent, Friday Night Services have been very polished with meaningful messages and sincere comments from campers. The brand new Song Of The Week has also been a tremendous addition plus the skill and athleticism of the Wahanowin Dance Pack is also scary good. It is such a pleasure seeing our campers display their many talents and be so supported and encouraged by their fellow campers and staff. What’s particularly incredible is that many campers come to camp not even realizing how talented they are or have never performed in front of an audience, but are stretching their comfort zone and thriving in areas they could never have imagined.  Continue reading »

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WahaTV: Theatre Update!!

With less than 90 days left until Waha 2014 officially gets underway, we thought it was about time to give you an exciting update… Come along with WahaTV as Bruce gives us an exciting sneak peek at the construction of the brand new Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre!!

Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog: We’re Permitted


Two years ago I sat down with a friend of mine to begin the initial design of the new Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre. I was under the impression that we would come up with a design, submit it to the building department at Ramara Township, get a permit and start building. Simple, straight forward and problem free. Two years later and now, much better educated in these matters, it is not simple, straight forward and problem free. But, as I preach to my children and many campers that come to camp, accomplishments that require effort, perseverance, hard work and determination are much more satisfying than those that are easy. Even if the results are the same in either case, the achievements that test your character, allow you to grow and make you stronger and better equipped to handle future challenges. And that’s how I feel today because on September 18th we received our building permit from Ramara Township and construction of the new theatre is officially underway. Continue reading »

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Some Nights

Return once again to the Theatre where some of our most talented campers and staff perform one of the summer’s biggest hit songs: Some Nights! Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


 At the end of each summer as the buses pull away for the final time I always start humming the tune “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. I completely understand the sadness that comes with the end of camp and I genuinely am affected like any other camper or staff but there is also a tremendous sense of relief and satisfaction knowing that another successful season has come and gone and everyone had an amazing experience and arrived home safely. This year was no exception, except that this summer was so exceptional on so many levels. We reached new heights in programming, special events, food, excitement, creativity and fun as we “Camped Our Style” every day, all summer. The other added bonus is that this year, before camp even ended, there was more fervour and interest in the following summer then ever before. And with good reason! Continue reading »

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Alumni/LTP Show: Mamma Mia

The final show of the summer was put on by the Alumni and LTP units, and it didn’t disappoint! In fact, Bruce called it the best production of Mamma Mia in Wahanowin history! Wow!! Enjoy some excerpts from the unforgettable show! Continue reading »

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