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Ski Video 2018

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Bruce's Blog #3

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The interesting thing about time is that moments last forever but days and weeks fly by. Well, we’re at the three week mark of the summer and Visitor’s Day is just a few hours away. Your children are very excited to see you and proud to show and demonstrate what they’ve been doing at camp. There are many activities for you to watch and to participate in with  your children so we hope you take advantage of the opportunity of what is shaping up to be another beautiful and perfect day at Wahanowin. Continue reading »

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A Message From Ski


Welcome to the most popular activity in camp, Ski.  Down at the ski docks we have 9 incredible staff who have the expertise and patience to teach, and exemplify the skills needed to become an expert on the water.

We are able to teach skills that range from beginner skier and wake boarders trying the boom, to flying dock starts. In a matter of weeks, we are able to teach the campers how to; drop a ski, deep water starts, and have them cutting like professionals… Continue reading »


Josh vs. Wahanowin

This summer at camp Grad Unit Head Josh has proclaimed himself as “The Best At Every Activity In Camp”. He’s opened himself up to any challengers from any unit, at any activity in camp. One brave young man, Mitchell Garber stepped up to challenge Josh to a water ski competition. It was an epic battle of youth vs. experience. Here are the highlights. Continue reading »