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Visitor’s Day Recap

It may have been a couple of weeks ago, but it’s never too late to look back on a fantastic day at Camp Wahanowin. Visitor’s Day 2012 was a huge success to say the least. The weather was beautiful, the kids were smiling and DJ Dave was on the scene to talk to Campers, Parents and Staff about the big day and what they miss most about each other when they’re not around. Continue reading »

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Previously On… Survivor!

With the premiere of Survivor: One World set to debut tomorrow night, we thought the time was right to turn back the clock to last season and re-live the excitement that was: Survivor 2011: Heroes vs. Villains. It was an epic season full of surprising twists, incredible challenges and lots of strategy! Take a trip back to the island and get ready for the debut of Survivor 2012 coming soon to Waha TV!! Continue reading »

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Bruce's Blog #3

IMG_6533 - Version 2

The interesting thing about time is that moments last forever but days and weeks fly by. Well, we’re at the three week mark of the summer and Visitor’s Day is just a few hours away. Your children are very excited to see you and proud to show and demonstrate what they’ve been doing at camp. There are many activities for you to watch and to participate in with  your children so we hope you take advantage of the opportunity of what is shaping up to be another beautiful and perfect day at Wahanowin. Continue reading »

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Olympiad 2011

The 2011 Wahanowin Olympiad was one of the most exciting and closely contested competitions in the camps history. Every summer Waha and Nowin battle it out for one day, fighting for Olympiad supremacy. This year was no different.

Chris Newns and Alex Loeb led the way for Team Waha, while Justin Barkie and Ashley Maalouf held the reigns for Team Nowin. The competition was fierce, with the decision literally coming down to the last minute. When all of the dust had settled, it was Team Waha that emerged victorious for the third straight year.

A huge thanks to everybody involved. We look forward to another great Olympiad in 2012.

Until then… sit back, relax and enjoy the excitement that was: Olympiad 2011. Continue reading »


Pete’s Perspective #1

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 1.10.48 PM

Saturday we hosted our first ever Alumni Baseball Tournament, talk about a Wahanowin First.  Former staff (and before that campers) returned from the both the 1990s and 2000s to revisit the place where they grew up, made incredible friends and of course competed in some unforgettable camp baseball games.  Andrew Chris was instrumental in getting the players together and organizing the tournament, thanks Toon!!  It was a who’s who of leaders from the past as Unit Heads, Heads of Sport, CIT Coordinators, Program Directors and Head Counselors gathered at the Wahanodome to play their favorite past time….  Continue reading »

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Closing Video 2011

Another amazing summer at Waha has officially come to an end. Emotions were at an all time high in the Theatre last night as we sung songs, unveiled plaques, watched videos, and shed some tears at the “Burning W” which marked the end of the amazing summer that was Wahanowin 2011. It truly was the best summer yet!

Enjoy the closing night video from the Summer of 2011, and be sure to stay tuned in to Waha TV throughout the year as we bring you lots of exciting content while we count down to summer 2012.

On behalf of the entire Waha TV team, and everyone else involved up here at camp, thanks for watching this summer!! See you all in 2012. Continue reading »

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This past Saturday in the Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre Wahanowin history was made. Campers and Staff were treated to a night of music with an extraordinary performance of Glee! The show featured unique renditions of many popular songs, performed by campers of staff for their peers. It was a night that wont soon be forgotten. Here’s just a taste of the excitement that was: Glee! Continue reading »

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