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BB/Bear & LTP Service: Friends 4 Ever

Once again, we gathered in the P.W. Theatre on friday night for our weekly Service. This week the LTPs joined with their BB/Bear buddies to present the theme of friends 4 Ever. Please enjoy these excerpts from the service. Continue reading »

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The Buddy Program

The BB/Bear and LTP Buddy Program is a Camp Wahanowin tradition. Each BB/Bear is paired up with an LTP camper to form long lasting friendships. The buddies will play games, hangout and have a shabbat meal together. When you bring the youngest and oldest campers together, something truly special can happen. Continue reading »

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Alumni/LTP Show: Mamma Mia

The final show of the summer was put on by the Alumni and LTP units, and it didn’t disappoint! In fact, Bruce called it the best production of Mamma Mia in Wahanowin history! Wow!! Enjoy some excerpts from the unforgettable show! Continue reading »

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BB/Bear & LTP Service: Friendship

Once again, we gathered in the P.W. Theatre on friday night for our weekly Service. This week the LTPs joined with their BB/Bear buddies to present the theme of friendship. Please enjoy these excerpts from the service.

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Meet the 2013 Unit Heads: Orlee


Orlee Benson  – LTP Unit Head

Hi LTP Unit!

After a bit of debate and decision making I came to the conclusion that there is nowhere else I would rather spend my summer than at Camp Wahanowin with all of you! It is a rare opportunity that a unit head gets the privilege to spend 3 consecutive summers with the same group of campers but I could not have asked for a more ideal situation.

As my 4th year as a Unit Head approaches I can honestly say I have never been more excited going into a summer at camp. The LTP unit is one with some very unique qualities. I am anxious and eager to watch everyone grow extremely close and become one. It is something exclusive to LTP that I cannot fully explain. I am not sure if it is the age, the maturity, the fact that you know this is your last summer as a camper or none of the above but it is a trait that without fail happens summer after summer in LTP and I cannot wait to be a part of this bonding experience. Continue reading »


Bruce’s Blog: Now We’re Cooking!!


Last month at “Saturday Morning Live” we announced a bonus draw for the “Crazy Cabin Reunion”. One lucky qualifying cabin would be chosen to have Master Chef, Kay Bonsu come to a cabin member’s home and cook the camp meal of your choice for the entire cabin. But before I announce the winner, I want to bring you up to date on all the exciting news going on in the Wahanowin world.

First of all, the “Crazy Cabin Reunion” has smashed the record of last year. Our early enrolment numbers are the best they’ve been in years. Over 20 cabins qualified for the big event next spring so it’s going to be a pretty full camp on CCR day in May. The official winners will be announced in December with all the details of dates, times and schedule. Last year only one cabin qualified with 100% enrolment. This year, incredibly, 10 cabins qualified with every camper signing up to be a part of the big day. The good news is that they are all in and registered, the bad news is that all those cabins are full so unfortunately we won’t be able to accept additional campers to start the summer. There are also 12 other cabins that have only one or two spaces left so for those of you still waiting to enrol, now is the time to ensure there’s room.

Ground breaking for the new Phyllis Weisfeld theatre took place in October and for those that have checked out the Wahanowin “Movie”, you’ve had a quick glimpse at the fabulous design. This cutting edge facility will blow you away when it’s built and ready to go. As construction continues, we will keep you updated with news and photos as well as several design surprises that will make our theatre the finest in the world of camping!  (…continue reading for the winner!) Continue reading »

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The Alumni/LTP Present: Spelling Bee

For one last time in the Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre, we gathered to watch the Alumni and LTP Present: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee! It was a stupendous show, filled with laughs and applause! It was an amazing end to an amazing theatre season, thanks to Aaron Sax and Tom Lees. Please enjoy these excerpts from the show!

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