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30 Years Of Musical Theatre

“There’s no business like show business” and for the last 30 years the Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre has been host to dozens upon dozens of shows. This video only captures a glimpse of that history. So enjoy this peek into history as we say goodbye to this Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre, and look forward to many more years of shows in the New Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre!

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Harold’s Closing Speech

In keeping with Wahanowin tradition (through the magic of modern technology), Camp Founder Harold Nashman once again gave the closing address at the final service of 2012. Using video footage from past seasons, Harold was once again able to take his place in front of the campers and staff in the Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre one last time. Without any further adieu… we give you the late Harold Nashman. Continue reading »

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Harold Nashman Tribute

Harold Nashman was the founder and inspiration for Camp Wahanowin. He realized his dream in 1955 and began a journey of creating “Friendships and Memories to Last a Lifetime” that changed the lives of thousands of campers and staff for 57 years. Harold’s commitment to providing the best possible experience to all campers at Wahanowin was evident every day of each summer and continued throughout the year. His positive energy and enthusiasm was contagious and you couldn’t help but feel good in his presence. Harold genuinely cared about everyone he came in contact with and sincerely loved Camp Wahanowin. This tribute page honours a truly great man and the incredible legacy he left behind. Harold Nashman died at the age of 84 on December 31st, 2011.

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Bruce’s Blog: A Summer to Remember


 It’s been a very emotional last three weeks. My father, Harold, fell and broke his hip, had surgery and then passed away from complications post surgery on December 31st. His funeral was a powerful experience and a fitting tribute to a truly wonderful man. However, the Shiva that followed could only be described as a “love-in” as literally thousands of family and friends celebrated a life that touched so many others in a positive and significant way. We knew Harold impacted a lot of people but even my siblings and I were not prepared for the overwhelming outpouring of love and appreciation for our dad. Emails, Facebook postings, phone calls and particularly the never-ending stream of people that attended the Shiva all expressed their feelings for Harold. We heard inspiring stories, funny anecdotes and the many ways in which Harold influenced and changed the lives of those he came in contact with. We were blown away with such tremendous support and our spirits were lifted with the genuine feelings that were conveyed. In fact, if Harold was able to attend his own Shiva, he would have described the whole experience as “Fantaberaneous”!  Continue reading »

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