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Camp Your Style

The theme of this summer is “Camp Your Style”. DJ Dave and the Waha TV crew decided to head out and see what exactly that means, and how this years campers and staff are “Camping” their style!! Continue reading »

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NMC on WahaTV

Ever wonder what goes on at Camp after you leave? NMC, that’s what! We took some time to chat with some campers and staff at National Music Camp to see what it’s all about!

Stay tuned for much more off-season action on Waha TV! Continue reading »

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International Campers: Mexico

Although most of the Wahanowin population hails from Toronto, we also attract international campers from Mexico, Israel, France, England, Venezuela, USA and other countries. Waha TV had a chance to catch up with some of our international campers from Mexico recently and find out how they’ve enjoyed their Wahanowin experience, and find out some of the differences between being at camp or at home in Mexico. Continue reading »

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DJ Dave: In Case You Were Wondering


In case you were wondering…….  camp is AMAZING!

At a recent head-staff meeting, Bruce asked us how we think the mood around camp is and the responses were unanimous – people are HAPPY, camp is GREAT, and everyone’s having a GOOD TIME!  And how could it be any other way?!

The sun’s up, the activities are great, the health is healthy, and the spirit is right – right at Wahanowin right, right?!  What more could we ask for?

All has embraced the theme of the summer, The Summer to Remember, with love and enthusiasm.  And I’ll admit, I didn’t know Harold as well as I would have liked, but I think he would be proud of the campers and staff who are making the 58th summer as amazing as it has been Continue reading »


Waha TV Goes To The Tuck Shop

It wouldn’t be camp without a visit to the Tuck Shop!

At Wahanowin, campers get tuck 3 times a week, and all it costs them is a letter home to Mom and Dad! They get to choose from an endless supply of delicious sweets, treats and tasty beverages.

Waha TV was on the scene yesterday to investigate the phenomenon that is… The Wahanowin Tuck Shop! Continue reading »

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Waha TV Goes To “The Zoo”

In addition to the camp dogs, this summer we’re joined by some other crazy critters! Our Director of Fun April Young brought a few friends to camp this year and today we had a chance to meet a few of them. Join us as “DJ” Dave Keystone takes us behind the scenes to April’s Zoo!! Continue reading »

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Introducing Your Hosts!

Waha TV is broadcasting all summer long from the beautiful shores of Lake Couchiching, and right now it’s time to introduce two of the camp personalities who will be bringing you all of the action this summer!

Program Director Dave Keystone and Head Counsellor Aaron Vigar, along with many other amazing camp personalities will be taking you behind the scenes of Wahanowin this summer. Down to the swim docks, in the dining hall, up in the grove and even into the cabins! Get ready to experience Waha like never before!

Stay Tuned! Continue reading »

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