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On Saturday, May 26th, Camp Wahanowin hosted the first ever “Crazy Cabin Reunion”. This was originally introduced last Fall as an early enrollment incentive. It definitely created a lot of “buzz” in the Wahanowin world and many campers were excited to take part. Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog: Why Talk Foul? (WTF)


Twenty years ago I made my first Friday night service speech. I’ll always remember it for three reasons. 1. I was very nervous. 2. I didn’t do a very good job and 3. The most important reason was the theme of the service: “The Importance of Words”. The fundamental message was that what we say and how we say it has a huge impact on the person or people we are speaking to. This has always been important but in today’s society, this message is even more crucial as we become more casual with communication and way more sophisticated due to technology, at the same time. Child and adolescent communication to adults has become very informal and a whole new language of acronyms has emerged in the world of texting, twitter, facebook and email. However, the basic premise of that service twenty years ago is just as relevant today. Continue reading »

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What Camp Means To Me: Sydney Turk


My name is Sydney Turk and I have been attending Camp Wahanowin for five summers.  My five years at camp have been filled with nothing other than unforgettable experiences, memories, and friendships to last a lifetime.   Every year, from the day I leave camp I begin counting down the days until the next summer.  This is because camp is IMPOSSBLE to leave.  I can not imagine ever having to leave camp permanently. Continue reading »

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What Camp Means To Me: Matt Blankenstein


What does camp mean to me? To me camp means to be in a cabin full of your closest buddies. To go out and spend the day with them having fun in the summer sun, and no matter what you’ll always have a smile on your face. Not one moment at Camp Wahanowin is dull moment because of all the constant programs the camp does. Olympiad, Survivor, and even Saturday Night Live are some of the camp programs that make the camp full of energy and excitement. Camp Wahanowin is like a giant family I find – there are just too many great memories to list. Continue reading »

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Camper/Staff Photos of the Week!


Starting this Thursday and every Thursday, come and check out the blog to see the Camper/Staff photos of the week! Each Week we will chose  the best photos taken by our Staff and Campers to display online so you can see the camp from a different perspective!!!


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Wahanowin Window – Fall 2011

Wahanowin Window - Fall 2011

“It’s hard to know where to begin, so much goes on at Wahanowin….”


There’s been lots of great feedback and several cabins have already qualified for their Crazy Cabin Reunion at Wahanowin. We’d love to have the entire camp return for this Crazy Wahanowin First and experience camp in the winter or next spring.  All you have to do, to be part of the fun is to send in your application and deposit by October 31st.  If 75% or more of your cabin signs up on time (a very easy number to achieve), then you qualify for the reunion at camp!  Plus, as a bonus, every cabin that qualifies will be entered into a special draw to win an unbelievable luxury limousine bus ride to camp!  Everyone from your cabin plus any new friends you bring to camp is eligible for this contest!  So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Continue reading »

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Crazy Cabin Reunion Challenge

Even though school has just begun, the number one thought on your mind is CAMP. Although you are making plans for trips, cruises and vacations, the number one place you want to be is CAMP. You’ve got close friends from the city and even cousins and family members but the friends and people you want to see are from CAMP. So, now’s your chance to make your dreams come true and be where you want to be and with who you want to be with. Meet the Crazy Cabin Reunion Challenge and you and your cabin mates will be back at camp having fun before you know it. If 75% or more of your cabin enrols before October 31st you will win a Crazy Cabin Reunion this winter or next Spring at camp. All your cabin mates plus any new friends you bring to Wahanowin are eligible to make the reunion happen. So speak, text or facebook your friends and make sure your entire cabin enjoys this amazing Wahanowin first. As an added bonus, every cabin that earns a reunion is eligible for an exclusive limousine bus ride to camp next summer!!! Continue reading »

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