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Alumni/LTP Show: Mamma Mia

The final show of the summer was put on by the Alumni and LTP units, and it didn’t disappoint! In fact, Bruce called it the best production of Mamma Mia in Wahanowin history! Wow!! Enjoy some excerpts from the unforgettable show! Continue reading »

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Meet the 2013 Unit Heads: Danny


Danny Krikler – Alumni Unit Head

As each year passes, and more and more of my friends from other camps end their camp careers, I am often asked two questions; ”Why do you keep going back to camp?” and “Aren’t you getting to old for camp?” So, why do I keep going back to camp? Why do I keep going to a place where all day I can hangout with my best friends? Where I can go waterskiing, play basketball and swing on the trapeze all in an afternoon.  Where friends become best friends and best friends become family. Where the amazing is ordinary and lifelong memories are made on a daily basis. As far as I’m concerned, the question really should be “Who wouldn’t want to keep going back to this place and does anyone ever really get to old for this”?

This upcoming summer will be my 11th at camp, my 5th as a staff member and my first as a unit head. This past summer I was the head of land sports, and prior to that I was both a main camp and grove counselor. I love camp, but I also understand that it is a business that relies greatly on its staff members, and I therefore try to do the best job I possibly can. Continue reading »

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The Alumni/LTP Present: Spelling Bee

For one last time in the Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre, we gathered to watch the Alumni and LTP Present: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee! It was a stupendous show, filled with laughs and applause! It was an amazing end to an amazing theatre season, thanks to Aaron Sax and Tom Lees. Please enjoy these excerpts from the show!

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Alumni Service: Imagine

Enjoy ‘Imagine’, performed by the Alumni Unit of 2011!

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An Update from the Alumni Unit

IMG_5868 - Version 2

Hello Parents, families and friends of the Alumni Unit,

The Alumni unit is off to an amazing start. With incredible staff and even more incredible campers I am very excited to tell you that this is shaping up to be our best summer yet.

We have all been enjoying the beautiful weather here on the shores of Lake Coucheching and are taking full advantage of all the excellent activities Camp has to offer, especially the water ones. The alumni unit can often be found on the ski, swim or boat docks enjoying the water and soaking up the sun…. Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog: A Very Campy Weekend


Last week was my daughter Rachel’s birthday. She is very lucky because her birthday is in early October and we are still open up at camp running school groups. In fact our last group of the season just ended October 19th. So Rachel decided to have her birthday party at camp and invite her cabin to come up for a party/cabin reunion. Everyone gathered at the Nashman home Friday afternoon and we headed up to camp in our 15 passenger van. I don’t ever get to experience the “bus traditions” on the trip to camp but because I was driving, I was able to get the van version. First of all, there was lots of excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation. A few “are we almost there yet?” questions, but when we did turn on Rama Rd. the van broke out in a spontaneous “W, that’s the way to begin…….” song and as we approached camp in the final few hundred metres, the entire van started a rhythmic clap culminating as we pulled into camp. It was amazing to see and feel the energy and genuine devotion to Wahanowin and to each other as a cabin group (and that was just the ride to camp). Continue reading »

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Survivor Preview

This summer, Survivor returns to Wahanowin for it’s fourth season. With new contestants, exciting and innovative challenges and twists that will shock everyone, this season of Survivor is sure to be the best yet.

Enjoy the preview for the upcoming season if Survivor: “Heroes vs. Villains”, and stay tuned for the episodes later this week! Continue reading »

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