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Previously On… Survivor!

With the premiere of Survivor: One World set to debut tomorrow night, we thought the time was right to turn back the clock to last season and re-live the excitement that was: Survivor 2011: Heroes vs. Villains. It was an epic season full of surprising twists, incredible challenges and lots of strategy! Take a trip back to the island and get ready for the debut of Survivor 2012 coming soon to Waha TV!! Continue reading »

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Theater Reviews: Space Jam

IMG_9609 - Version 2

Saturday night, the Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre saw the prèmiere of the Seniors Unit’s production of Space Jam! It was an amazing performance featuring many of the songs and story-lines from the hit movie of the same name. The show featured the talents of Troy, Sasha, Stephanie, Sam and many more (full cast list below) of the seniors….  Continue reading »

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Summer 2011 Slideshow!

With the summer about 2 months behind us now, we thought it would be a good time to take a look back on some of the great memories from Waha 2011. Grab a warm blanket, sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing work of our talented photographer Deena who put together the fantastic slideshow from Summer 2011. Also, be sure to stay tuned to Waha TV over the next few weeks as we continue to broadcast through the off season! Continue reading »

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Patti’s Camp Diary (Updated Oct. 12)

IMG_7435 - Version 2

October 12th, 2011

Shana Tova and wishing everyone a sweet and healthy year!  The end of our 2011 camp season is next week.  We have hosted close to 3000 children since May who have participated in one of our many programs:  Outdoor Education, Music Camps, and of course Camp Wahanowin.  I’ve been hearing news about cabin reunions around the city, which is heartwarming.  We love to hear your stories about connecting with camp friends in the off-season.  We’ve had many applications submitted from eager campers wanting a cabin reunion at camp.  Camp Wahanowin is gorgeous with the fall colours and is just as stunning in the winter covered in sparkling snow (it’s magical actually).  We use the water slide as a tobogganing luge on to the frozen lake.  Spring is also fantastic at camp with trees blooming.  What can I say… every season holds it’s own special beauty.

I’ll re-visit my blog in the spring again as your camp mom.  In the meantime, I’m going to focus on being a mom to my own three kids.  Having said that, I’m always happy to hear from campers and parents anytime.  Have a safe and productive school year and I look forward to seeing you back at your home away from home (Camp Wahanowin) next summer…

Continue reading »

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Wahanowin Window – Fall 2011

Wahanowin Window - Fall 2011

“It’s hard to know where to begin, so much goes on at Wahanowin….”


There’s been lots of great feedback and several cabins have already qualified for their Crazy Cabin Reunion at Wahanowin. We’d love to have the entire camp return for this Crazy Wahanowin First and experience camp in the winter or next spring.  All you have to do, to be part of the fun is to send in your application and deposit by October 31st.  If 75% or more of your cabin signs up on time (a very easy number to achieve), then you qualify for the reunion at camp!  Plus, as a bonus, every cabin that qualifies will be entered into a special draw to win an unbelievable luxury limousine bus ride to camp!  Everyone from your cabin plus any new friends you bring to camp is eligible for this contest!  So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Continue reading »

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Closing Video 2011

Another amazing summer at Waha has officially come to an end. Emotions were at an all time high in the Theatre last night as we sung songs, unveiled plaques, watched videos, and shed some tears at the “Burning W” which marked the end of the amazing summer that was Wahanowin 2011. It truly was the best summer yet!

Enjoy the closing night video from the Summer of 2011, and be sure to stay tuned in to Waha TV throughout the year as we bring you lots of exciting content while we count down to summer 2012.

On behalf of the entire Waha TV team, and everyone else involved up here at camp, thanks for watching this summer!! See you all in 2012. Continue reading »

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Deep Thoughts with DJ Dave


TIME is running out here at camp.  Sayings like, “make the most of it”, “make each moment count”, and “appreciate the time we have together”, are concepts harder to achieve than to say.  I spend a lot of time thinking about how to ‘take in the time’, ‘appreciate the moments’, and ‘make the most of everything’.

I just watched the fourth week video and it made me sad.  It made me sad to think I will be leaving here soon back to another year of school, work and city life and camp will have to wait another ten months… Continue reading »

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