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Survivor Part 2/5

Survivor started off with a bang this year. Here are the highlights from day 1 on the island. Stay tuned in to Waha TV as we bring you the rest of this years exciting program over the next few days. Continue reading »


Deep Thoughts with DJ Dave


TIME is running out here at camp.  Sayings like, “make the most of it”, “make each moment count”, and “appreciate the time we have together”, are concepts harder to achieve than to say.  I spend a lot of time thinking about how to ‘take in the time’, ‘appreciate the moments’, and ‘make the most of everything’.

I just watched the fourth week video and it made me sad.  It made me sad to think I will be leaving here soon back to another year of school, work and city life and camp will have to wait another ten months… Continue reading »

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Survivor 2011 Part 1/5

Survivor 2011 was hands down the best season yet, and the WahaTV cameras were there every step of the way to capture all of the action. We hope that you’ll follow along on WahaTV as were bring you the excitement over the next few days. Here is Part 1 of this year’s exciting Survivor program. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for part 2! Continue reading »

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Survivor 2009

With Survivor 2011 just having been completed, we thought we would take one last look back at a previous season before watching this year’s highlights. Enjoy some of the action from Survivor 2009, and stay tuned later tonight as we bring you the first part of Survivor 2011! Continue reading »

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Survivor 2008

Survivor 2011 is well under way and the finale is just around the corner. In the true spirit of Survivor, we turn back the clock and take a look back at season 1, which took place in 2008. Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog #5


I camp believe it’s already August! So many people have commented that this has been the fastest summer ever. I must admit that time is flying by and before we know it, the closing ceremonies will be upon us. The good news is that it all means we are having a truly amazing summer with more action, energy and spirit then ever before. An added bonus this year is that everyone at home is experiencing the adventure along with us by following our blog, pictures and of course, Waha TV. We’ve had tremendous feedback and lots of comments on our webpage which we greatly appreciate.  Continue reading »

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Staff Show: Little Shop of Horrors

Saturday night’s performance by the Staff went off with a bang! A fantastic interpretation of an amazing show directed by our theatre team: Tom Lees & Aaron Herbert Sax!

Sit back and enjoy highlights from Little Shop of Horrors!

Continue reading »