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Bruce’s Blog: There’s Something Funny About Humour


Every summer there’s a classic moment when a camper is carrying a tray of food in the Dining Hall and by some lack of concentration or accident, they drop the tray on the floor. After a one or two second pause, the entire Dining Hall begins to applaud, point and laugh at the already embarrassed camper. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done except console the camper and clean up the mess. Whenever I am close by a situation like this, I try to minimize the reaction and also ask others why they laugh and point. The typical answer is that “it’s funny”. Continue reading »

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Green Acres Pumpkin Day

Green Acres recently hosted an amazing “Pumpkin Picking Fun Day”. There was pumpkin picking, bouncers, hayrides, pony rides, mini golf, arts & crafts, face painting, farm animals, s’mores, cotton candy and more!

The main event however, was the Wahanowin Pie Eating Contest which featured some very familiar faces!

Stay tuned, and keep the countdown to camp going as we here at Waha TV continue to broadcast 365 days a year! Continue reading »

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Happy Halloween!

Everyone at Waha TV & Camp Wahanowin would like to wish you a Happy Halloween!! Be sure to tweet your Halloween costume pictures to @campwahanowin or post them on​campwahanowin Continue reading »


Summer 2011 Slideshow!

With the summer about 2 months behind us now, we thought it would be a good time to take a look back on some of the great memories from Waha 2011. Grab a warm blanket, sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing work of our talented photographer Deena who put together the fantastic slideshow from Summer 2011. Also, be sure to stay tuned to Waha TV over the next few weeks as we continue to broadcast through the off season! Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog: A Very Campy Weekend


Last week was my daughter Rachel’s birthday. She is very lucky because her birthday is in early October and we are still open up at camp running school groups. In fact our last group of the season just ended October 19th. So Rachel decided to have her birthday party at camp and invite her cabin to come up for a party/cabin reunion. Everyone gathered at the Nashman home Friday afternoon and we headed up to camp in our 15 passenger van. I don’t ever get to experience the “bus traditions” on the trip to camp but because I was driving, I was able to get the van version. First of all, there was lots of excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation. A few “are we almost there yet?” questions, but when we did turn on Rama Rd. the van broke out in a spontaneous “W, that’s the way to begin…….” song and as we approached camp in the final few hundred metres, the entire van started a rhythmic clap culminating as we pulled into camp. It was amazing to see and feel the energy and genuine devotion to Wahanowin and to each other as a cabin group (and that was just the ride to camp). Continue reading »

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Patti’s Camp Diary (Updated Oct. 12)

IMG_7435 - Version 2

October 12th, 2011

Shana Tova and wishing everyone a sweet and healthy year!  The end of our 2011 camp season is next week.  We have hosted close to 3000 children since May who have participated in one of our many programs:  Outdoor Education, Music Camps, and of course Camp Wahanowin.  I’ve been hearing news about cabin reunions around the city, which is heartwarming.  We love to hear your stories about connecting with camp friends in the off-season.  We’ve had many applications submitted from eager campers wanting a cabin reunion at camp.  Camp Wahanowin is gorgeous with the fall colours and is just as stunning in the winter covered in sparkling snow (it’s magical actually).  We use the water slide as a tobogganing luge on to the frozen lake.  Spring is also fantastic at camp with trees blooming.  What can I say… every season holds it’s own special beauty.

I’ll re-visit my blog in the spring again as your camp mom.  In the meantime, I’m going to focus on being a mom to my own three kids.  Having said that, I’m always happy to hear from campers and parents anytime.  Have a safe and productive school year and I look forward to seeing you back at your home away from home (Camp Wahanowin) next summer…

Continue reading »

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Wahanowin Window – Fall 2011

Wahanowin Window - Fall 2011

“It’s hard to know where to begin, so much goes on at Wahanowin….”


There’s been lots of great feedback and several cabins have already qualified for their Crazy Cabin Reunion at Wahanowin. We’d love to have the entire camp return for this Crazy Wahanowin First and experience camp in the winter or next spring.  All you have to do, to be part of the fun is to send in your application and deposit by October 31st.  If 75% or more of your cabin signs up on time (a very easy number to achieve), then you qualify for the reunion at camp!  Plus, as a bonus, every cabin that qualifies will be entered into a special draw to win an unbelievable luxury limousine bus ride to camp!  Everyone from your cabin plus any new friends you bring to camp is eligible for this contest!  So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Continue reading »

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