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The Game of Camp Life

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Camp is filled with tons of exciting things, from daily activities to awesome camp-wide programming. WIth all the excitement of camp, sometimes we forget that this is the first time at camp for many of these campers and they are not sure how yet  to be independent. This is why last night the BB/Bears and Eagles staff put on the “Game of Camp Life” for their camper’s Evening Program! Continue reading »

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The 'W' Song

An integral part of the camp experience is sharing the songs that have become part of our tradition. Whether around the campfire, in the Dining Hall or throughout the program day, music and song convey the reasons why camp means so much to us – the activities we do, the friendships we form and the sense of family and community that stays with us always.

One song in particular that has been passed down through generations of Wahanowin campers and staff is “The ‘W’ Song”.

Enjoy this Wahanowin classic as performed by the campers and staff of 2011. Continue reading »

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Staff Service

Every Friday night we gather in the Phyllis Weisfeld theatre for a special service. Each week a different Unit leads the service, which is comprised of commentary and songs, related to a theme. 

The first service of the summer was hosted by the Staff of Camp Wahanowin and the theme was “Camp Believe It”.

Enjoy an excerpt from Friday night’s service.

Song: “When You Believe” performed by the staff of 2011, filmed by Waha TV’s Intern: Mitchell Pitchofsky. Continue reading »

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Opening Day 2011

It was a beautiful sunny day as the buses departed from Toronto. Destination: Camp Wahanowin! Enjoy some highlights from the day including the Toronto departure, and the exciting arrival at camp.

June 30, 2011. OPENING DAY!!! There’s nothing quite like it. Camp has officially begun!! Stay tuned for many more videos to come.

Click here to view photos from opening day.  Continue reading »


Bruce’s Blog: Toot Toot


 Pete and I went out for dinner recently with a couple of former campers/staff that are now parents on the verge of sending their children, a new generation of campers to camp. It was great to reminisce and catch up on our respective lives and of course talk about camp. Part of our discussion focussed on the different styles different camps have and specifically the fact that at Wahanowin we like our efforts and action to speak for itself and not to constantly barrage our families with messages of hype. We try not to bother (too much) our campers and parents but to always be available and willing to do whatever we can to make every camper’s experience the best it can be. However, their response was that you run an amazing camp and have a great facility and you should be yelling and screaming your own praises.

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Camp in the City


With today’s technology, it has become so easy for camp friends to stay in contact all year long. Between BBM, Facebook, Twitter and video chatting, camp friends do not have to spend a whole year not seeing or speaking to one another. As great as technology is however, it has been the consistent amount of “camp chills” I have had since camp ended that has made me realize how truly special the bonds created at Wahanowin are. When I look at all of my closest friends I have today, 95% of them are people I shared summers on the Wahanowin shores with. No matter what the person’s age or current camp status is, Wahanowin has been the connecting link that has kept so many of my friendships alive.

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Spot the D.O.F. Challenge


Hey BFFTIMSM (Best Friends Forever That I Miss So Much!),

What a great way to see more of you all year round by having you spot me! Starting now anytime you see me and my mobile say “Hi” and get a prize/raffle ticket!  We will be holding Spot the DOF Raffle every month so check out the website to see if your number comes up!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!!  SEND IN A PHOTO OF YOU BY THE DOF MOBILE AND BE ELIGIBLE FOR OUR SPOT THE DOF SWEEPSTAKES!!!  (Please send it to, noting your name, location, date and time.)

Remember: safety first!!!  Make sure the car is safe to approach!!!

Happy Spotting!!!!


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