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Survivor 2014: Day 2

If you thought Day 1 of Survivor 2014 was action packed, then you won’t believe your eyes when you watch Day 2!! The excitement continued to grow as more and more castaways left the island after some intense challenges. Enjoy Day 2 and stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow!

Glee Excerpt #1: Wrecking Ball

What a Glee Show we had this year! In fact we thought it was so good we went and filmed some full performances just for you! Look out for more of these expert over the next few weeks, and stay tuned for the full Glee Review.For now enjoy our first Excerpt: Wrecking Ball! Continue reading »

Survivor 2014: Day 1

Survivors Ready? GO!! Day 1 on the island was action packed to say the least. Cheer on your favourite castaways in the first installment of this year’s competition: “Waha Vs Nowin”.

Bruce’s Blog: Save the Date!

Blog Fall

There are still two full weeks left in the 2014, 60th Anniversary Summer of Celebration but we are already starting to plan for the exciting 2015 season (theme to be revealed). We will continue to “Lead and Shine” in all aspects of camping from creative programming and fabulous facilities to enthusiastic, caring staff  providing attention to detail ensuring the best experience for every camper. So, in the spirit of all this fun, we’ve decided to end our 60th Anniversary Season with a grand opening to our 61st fantastic summer by introducing another Wahanowin First



Every summer as camp winds down and the end is in sight, campers always wish they could stay at camp longer or find a way to return to Wahanowin after the summer. Our Wahanowin Fall Festival will make your dreams come true in more ways than one. You will not only have a chance to return to camp in September but you will also have the opportunity to win fabulous prizes and save money on next year’s fees.  Continue reading »

Song of the Week: Siblings Medley

Enjoy this musical treat from a group of our talented Siblings!

The 2014 Staff & CITs Present: Frozen

Saturday night’s performance by the Staff was really “cool” show! A fantastic interpretation of an amazing show directed by our theatre team: Tom Lees & Aaron  Sax!Sit back and enjoy highlights from Frozen!

PeeGee Service: Appreciation

On Friday night, the PG unit of 2014 presented their service: Appreciation. Please enjoy this excerpt from their service.