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Glee 2015: Chasing Cars/Your Song Mashup

Vocals by Amanda Berger, Sammi Fleming and Sophie Mortimer. Piano and arrangement by Tom Lees.

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Survivor: Day 2

Survivor: Day 1

Survivor 2015: Intro

You’ve waited for it and it’s finally here! Survivor: Blood vs Water. Join us over the next few days as we bring you all of the action!  It’s time to outwit, outplay and outlast!  Let’s meet this years “Castaways” in the 2015 Survivor intro video.


Trapeze Show

A look back  at one of our great EPs this Summer!



“Time flies when you’re having fun”. Never has a statement been more true when it comes to camp. Even though I have spent more than 50 summers at Wahanowin, I am always amazed at the speed in which the summer goes by. And what a summer it was! At the buses on Thursday, I was approached by dozens of parents and campers thanking me for a wonderful experience and to let me know that the countdown to 2016 has already begun. As normal as this sounds, typically parents are understandably focused on seeing their kids and hearing about their experiences and just getting them home for a home cooked meal and/or a nap in their own beds. The fact that so many parents went out of their way to express their thanks and appreciation, was significant in my books. Continue reading »

Summer Slideshow 2015