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BB/Bears & Eagles Present: You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

On Saturday night the BB/Bears & Eagles of 2014 took to the stage and presented a stunning renditions of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown! The word around camp is that this is one of the best productions by the BB/Bears & Eagles to date! So sit back and enjoy some excerpts from the amazing show!

Grad Service: Be the Change….

The Grad Unit took to the stage on Friday night to present their service. The theme: Be the Change you want to see in the World. Inspirational words and beautiful music filled the air. Enjoy an excerpt from the Grad Service…

Olympiad 2014

This year’s Olympiad was one of the most tightly contested of all time! The spirit and energy were at all time highs. The weather was fantastic and the competition was fierce!! Watch and find out who was victorious in Olympiad 2014!! Continue reading »

The Senior Unit Presents: The Lion King

It is that time once again! On Saturday Night we all gathered in the Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre for the Premiere of the 2014 Wahanowin Theatre program. Thanks to the amazing Direction of Mr. Aaron Sax and Mr. Thomas Lees, the Senior unit of 2014 brought down the house with the best production of The Lion King Waha TV has ever seen! Now sit back and enjoy this highlight reel from the Senior Unit Presents: The Lion King! Continue reading »

Coach’s Corner 2014

With the “W Tournament” only 1 day away, it’s time for another episode of Coach’s Corner. Jim Jimson and Grant Richmond look at the 16 & Under baseball team and discuss all the hot topics in ‘Waha Land’! Don’t miss it! Continue reading »

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BB/Bear & LTP Service: Friends 4 Ever

Once again, we gathered in the P.W. Theatre on friday night for our weekly Service. This week the LTPs joined with their BB/Bear buddies to present the theme of friends 4 Ever. Please enjoy these excerpts from the service. Continue reading »

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Speakers’ Corner 2014

Some car seats in the middle of the field? Who wouldn’t want to stop by and say hello!? Here on Wahanowin’s speakers’ Corner, people speak their mind on all sorts of topics. From how they celebrate the summer, to the bucket room and much more here on our couch!

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