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Summer Slideshow 2015

Closing Video 2015

Another Year in the Books!

Note: The first song has been changed.



Alumni/LTP Show: Newsies

The final show of the summer was put on by the Alumni and LTP units, and it didn’t disappoint! In fact, it was first time this show was performed in Wahanowin History ! Wow!! Enjoy some excerpts from this unforgettable show!

What has Camp Given You?

Please enjoy this video we put together for last nights service.


CIT/10 Year Service

Every summer the CIT/10 Year Service theme is “The Camp Life Cycle”. The night was filled with heart felt speeches and tributes. Please enjoy an excerpt from the CIT/10 Year Service.

Week 5 & 6 in Review

Another week has come and gone! The last 2 weeks were amazing filled with activities such as: colour wars, halloween, Carnival and many more. Sit back and enjoy week five & six in review!