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Individuality, Inclusiveness and Pink

Bruce in Pink

Camp Wahanowin has always celebrated the individuality of each camper that attends camp. We take pride in creating an atmosphere of inclusivity in each cabin, unit and the entire camp. Everyone belongs at Wahanowin and has the opportunity to be the best of who they are. That’s why we always want to allow every camper to “Lead and Shine”. Campers Lead by being who they are; displaying their unique talents that make them special. They Shine by doing so in front of their peers and friends in a supportive and encouraging environment.


This safety net of support gives campers the courage to maximize their potential, expand their comfort zone and achieve new heights. This truly is the definition of a successful camp experience. At Wahanowin, we breed this culture where campers and staff feel safe to be themselves and know they will be accepted and belong.


This message which has always been a fundamental aspect of our camping philosophy will be officially recognized and celebrated with a brand new tradition this summer. Individuality, inclusiveness, tolerance, acceptance and belonging will be the theme of Pink Day. This day will see the entire camp wearing pink in solidarity of the important idea of working together to make Wahanowin even better and then taking this message back home to schools and throughout the community. Ve’ahavta, the Jewish humanitarian organization, is partnering with Wahanowin for this full day program by providing a tikkun olum (repairing the world) Dugmah grant.  This grant has enabled us to purchase pink t-shirts for all campers and provide a guest storyteller for the event.


Special activities throughout the day will focus on individuality, inclusiveness and allow every camper the chance to Lead and Shine! Every activity area will run “Pink” themed programs; reminding campers of the importance to cooperate, support each other and recognize the unique contributions of everyone in their cabin and unit. The culmination of the day will occur that evening in the theatre with a special “Pink” EP with a surprise guest speaker.


We are very excited to offer another Wahanowin 1st; celebrating the true essence of what camp is all about, the values we instil and a day full of meaningful fun. As you prepare for camp and all the fabulous and exciting adventures to come, remember to take a moment to consider what you really want to accomplish this summer and Think Pink!

See you at the buses!


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Bruce’s Blog: The Summer of Celebration


2014 has arrived and even though we’re in the middle of one of the harshest winters in many years, the summer will be here before we know it. And what a summer it will be! Wahanowin’s Diamond Jubilee, our 60th Anniversary Season will be full of tremendous excitement, fabulous fun and all the wonderful wonders Wahanowin has to offer. New toys on the waterfront including new boogie boards, a rope swing and another element added to the waterpark plus a high adrenaline apparatus added to our ropes course platform that simulates a bungee jump will keep the heart pumping and energy going all summer. A fabulous farming program is being introduced that will not only be fun and a tremendous experiential learning opportunity, but will also be very rewarding as campers will have the chance to harvest and eat what they’ve planted. New evening programs and theme days will be introduced as well as a high energy, super spirited brand new dining hall experience for every meal (in addition to our marvellous meals). Plus, so many super staff and a huge head staff team will be returning to ensure 2014 is the best summer ever! Continue reading »

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