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Wahanowin is off to a sizzling start!

Dear Wahanowin Families,

We have had a terrific start to the 2018 season and camp is now in full swing.

While we embrace warm weather, we are experiencing the hottest start to camp in many years.  A number of proactive measures have been taken to navigate through the current heat wave, including the following:

1.  We’ve started the summer with two waterfront afternoons and will continue to do so as long as the weather requires it. The entire camp is participating in waterfront activities for the entire afternoon.

2.  We have added an afternoon frozen snack in addition to our morning ‘snack attack’.

3.  In addition to our seven water fountains, we have added 4 additional ice water stations in different locations around camp.

4.  Three water spray cooling stations have been set up for campers to walk or run through at any time to cool off.

5.  At the end of every evening program, campers have the opportunity to take a quick dip in the lake to cool off before bedtime. There are showers in every cabin so campers can also to take a cold shower before bed.

6.  Campers and staff are reminded at every meal to remain hydrated and to drink in between meals.

7.  As always, campers cannot leave their cabins for activities in the morning without applying sunscreen.  We are also ensuring that sunscreen is re-applied throughout the day.

8.  Rest Hour has been extended after lunch so that campers can stay in cabins, out of the sun during peak times.

The forecast is looking fantastic but the heat wave should break in a couple of days. Our hot weather protocol will remain in place as long as necessary but this unusual weather won’t have any impact on the great programs we have planned for the upcoming week.   We look forward to continuing our great start to the summer of 2018 and Living the Camp Life at Wahanowin!

All the best,


Wahanowin Window – Early July 2016 Edition

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Bruce’s Blog: 2015 Update #2


Spring has officially arrived and there are less than 100 days until camp. It is always an exciting time of year when the snow melts, the weather warms up and camp is finally on the immediate horizon. We are busily preparing for the summer and very confident it will be our finest. Work up north on site continues at a feverish pace as the landscape has changed more dramatically this offseason than ever before.

There will be a significantly different and brand new look to Wahanowin: from when you drive in to camp on our new upgraded and widened roads to our beautiful new cabins to the amazing and complete theatre prominently displayed on entry to camp. And of course, let’s not forget the newly landscaped expanded beach beside ski. It’s all new, cutting edge, fresh and ahead of the camping curve.

And there is much more in store this summer, so here are a few highlights from our new programs, protocols and cool happenings at Wahanowin in 2015.

Safety, Security and Supervision are front and centre at Wahanowin. We are very proud of our safety and supervision record throughout our history but we are taking it up a notch to a new level this summer.  Policy adjustments for 2015 with regards to safety, security and supervision include:

• Night Duty (O.D.) will be a rotation with each cabin’s staff and the staff will remain inside the cabin all night.
• Camper curfew will be strictly enforced and thoroughly monitored to prevent late night wandering.
• Our no cell phone, no screens policy will be strictly enforced and will include CITS.
• All LTP and CIT money brought to camp must be kept in the office. Campers in Alumni and younger will not be allowed to have money at camp.

Details of all 2015 policy adjustments will be sent to all families closer to camp but please feel free to contact us at the office if you have any questions. Be assured that every change made is with the safety and supervision of every camper in mind.

The Dining Hall will have a new look this summer on several fronts. We are doing a minor renovation plus beginning the process of moving theatre plaques to the new theatre. Very exciting!

The Kitchen will be very busy as well. We are working on a new menu with a few new items, focussing on healthier options, a nice variety at the salad bar and not as much fried food. There is a tremendous tradition of excellence in food at Wahanowin dating back to Bubby Nash and then Yetta, and that commitment to providing the best nutritious and delicious food continues with Tan. We know every camper and staff will be well fed and enjoy the food this summer.

We appreciate feedback in all aspects of camp, we listen and make appropriate changes.

Finally, Master Chef is coming to Wahanowin. Lead by our Red Seal accredited super Chef, Roch Beaudrey, campers will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare gourmet food and compete against one another in teams to win the chance to prepare a meal for the entire camp. The Dining Hall will be cooking on all cylinders this summer!

Big news in the CIT program. Every CIT will have the opportunity to receive a Grade 11 high school credit just by participating in our newly upgraded, leadership CIT program. Camp Wahanowin is partnering with Torah High to bring this unique and exciting new opportunity to Wahanowin CITs. Like so many things, Wahanowin is the ONLY private cutting edge camp to offer such a program. Early acceptance to university, here we come!

As usual, there is tremendous anticipation about the theme of the summer as it sets the tone and flavour of theme days, special programs, staff training and gives everyone a focus of what we are trying to achieve. This year’s theme challenges every camper and staff to embody the goals and philosophy of Wahanowin, to lead and shine, maximize your potential and be a true champion with your behaviour, attitude and example you set for others. In this spirit, this year’s camp theme is “Be a Camp Champ!”

More exciting news on the way as camp approaches, so keep checking into for all the latest and greatest happenings at Wahanowin. Spring has sprung and summer is waiting close behind! And lastly, on behalf of Patti, Hannah, Rachel and Sam, I want to wish your family a very happy, healthy and meaningful Passover.

See you in 87 days,

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Bruce’s Blog: 2015 Update #1

IMG_8516 - Version 2

After a long and very cold winter, spring is finally on the horizon as the temperature starts to warm up and the snow begins to melt. I, myself am finally coming out of blog hibernation and will start communicating on a more regular basis as the summer approaches. It’s been quite a productive winter with a lot going on in the Wahanowin office and at camp. Lots of exciting things to report with many great new additions to our facility and program as we count down the time to opening day. I know the Wahanowin social media machine has been in high gear with daily posts, pictures, exciting news and most recently, the big reveal of our 2015 Head Staff line-up. So let me bring you up to date on some of the other things we’ve been working on.

The spectacular new cabins in the grove are coming along very nicely. Six have been framed with the roofs on and interior walls built. We are now concentrating on some of the finishings and details that will make these state of the art cabins the finest in the camping world. We are very excited for the first group of campers to live in our beautiful new summer dwellings.

The expanded beach where the old Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre used to be has been cleared and prepared for landscaping, new sand, beach volleyball posts, etc….. We are just waiting for the snow to melt so we can get going on our waterfront beautification project. That includes the new sunset firepit, boardwalks, brand new sand and larger beach area of our existing waterfront. It’s going to look, feel and be amazing!

We’ve been talking about the brand new Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre for two years now so I am particularly thrilled that it is complete and ready to go to open the 2015 season. This new facility is so far ahead of any camp’s theatre and we are very lucky to be able to enjoy this wonderful venue. The famous Wahanowin theatre program will flourish but so will many other new programs as the theatre will be incorporated into evening programs, camp wide events, meetings, movie nights, theme days, intercamp competitions and even a brand new fitness program making use of the new technology wired into the theatre. There is no doubt that this new facility will be utilized daily and set the standard of excellence in the camping world.

There’s been a great response and lots of interest in Parasailing as Wahanowin continues its creative and cutting edge programming. This one-of-a-kind activity will be an exhilarating addition to our adventure programming line-up and will be the ride of a lifetime for all participants. Things are definitely looking up at this activity. Another new addition to the 2015 summer season is Unlimited Potential (UP) Dance Camp headed up by the talented and dynamic Justin Barkie. This one week intensive dance experience taking place during the August session will be an awesome opportunity for any level dancer to improve their skills, learn new techniques and have the chance to perform a brand new routine for their parents at camp. All the details to get involved in these programs are located on the best website in camping,

Update number two will focus on new program ideas, exciting CIT news, food and menu changes, new levels of safety, security and supervision as well as the sensational summer theme for 2015. We are all excited to get going and the way time has flown by since last summer, the buses will be rolling before we know it. Stay tuned for more exciting information later this month and start getting excited for the best summer in Wahanowin history in 2015!!!

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Bruce’s Blog: What a Celebration!

What a Celebration

It’s been one month since the end of the Summer of Celebration and as we savour the wonderful memories we are already gearing up for the next great adventure in the Wahanowin world, the summer of 2015! I remember when camp would end and we would return to our city lives and put the summer behind us until the snow would start to melt and the warm weather of Spring would arrive. Now, the camp cycle continues throughout the year with camp events, reunions, announcements, cabin chills, social media and getting together as often as possible. And speaking of getting together, we just celebrated a fabulous Fall Festival at camp and had an amazing day despite some rain and chilly conditions. The spirit and magic that is Wahanowin was very much alive as many campers, staff and visiting families enjoyed a wide variety of activities, a carnival, friends and family lunch and the opportunity to reminisce all the incredible fun of the 60th Anniversary Season.

This summer was very special on so many levels. The milestone year in and of itself, was quite an accomplishment, but the energy, spirit, excitement, programming, enthusiasm and participation of all campers and staff was unparalleled. It truly was a celebration all summer long. We were also proud of all the special events we hosted including our Wahano-venture friends from Green Acres, the Wahano-One campers, all our guests for Family Weekend and of course the spectacular 60th Anniversary Alumni Day Reunion. Every one of these major events were marvellous examples of hard work, organization, attention to detail and extremely successful. The feedback all summer after every event was remarkable. Continue reading »

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Bruce’s Blog: Standing “O”


The third unit show of the summer is in the books and for the third week in a row I’ve been compelled to rise to my feet at the end and give a standing ovation. Camp Wahanowin is officially the most talented camp in camping! The singing, dancing and acting have all been triple threat amazing! Every unit, every age group and every show has had significant performances by incredibly talented kids supported by a very enthusiastic, committed and professional cast. It’s so fitting that this year, our 60th Anniversary with the official closing of the old Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre combined with the official opening of the new Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre, would be so special with so many amazing performances.

The unit shows are not the only spectacular showcases of talent, Friday Night Services have been very polished with meaningful messages and sincere comments from campers. The brand new Song Of The Week has also been a tremendous addition plus the skill and athleticism of the Wahanowin Dance Pack is also scary good. It is such a pleasure seeing our campers display their many talents and be so supported and encouraged by their fellow campers and staff. What’s particularly incredible is that many campers come to camp not even realizing how talented they are or have never performed in front of an audience, but are stretching their comfort zone and thriving in areas they could never have imagined.  Continue reading »

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Week 3 in Review

What a week we had! The sun was blazing and we had tons of open waterfront. Midnight madness was incredible and dance intercamp danced its way into history. All and all it was just a crazy week here at Wahanowin!