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60th Anniversary Reunion

There was no better way to celebrate our 60th Anniversary than by spending a day with the people who have contributed to Wahanowin’s story throughout the years. It’s impossible to describe the experience as campers and staff of past and present gathered once again on the shores of Lake Couchiching. So rather than trying to explain it… Why don’t we just show you! Take a look at some of the fantastic highlights from the Camp Wahanowin 60th Anniversary Reunion. Continue reading »

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30 Years Of Musical Theatre

“There’s no business like show business” and for the last 30 years the Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre has been host to dozens upon dozens of shows. This video only captures a glimpse of that history. So enjoy this peek into history as we say goodbye to this Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre, and look forward to many more years of shows in the New Phyllis Weisfeld Theatre!

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Bruce’s Blog: The Summer of Celebration


2014 has arrived and even though we’re in the middle of one of the harshest winters in many years, the summer will be here before we know it. And what a summer it will be! Wahanowin’s Diamond Jubilee, our 60th Anniversary Season will be full of tremendous excitement, fabulous fun and all the wonderful wonders Wahanowin has to offer. New toys on the waterfront including new boogie boards, a rope swing and another element added to the waterpark plus a high adrenaline apparatus added to our ropes course platform that simulates a bungee jump will keep the heart pumping and energy going all summer. A fabulous farming program is being introduced that will not only be fun and a tremendous experiential learning opportunity, but will also be very rewarding as campers will have the chance to harvest and eat what they’ve planted. New evening programs and theme days will be introduced as well as a high energy, super spirited brand new dining hall experience for every meal (in addition to our marvellous meals). Plus, so many super staff and a huge head staff team will be returning to ensure 2014 is the best summer ever! Continue reading »

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Alumni Up for Volunteer Award


Daniel Freiman

A Little bit about Daniel

Wahanowin Career:  1996 – 2006

Camper: 1996 – 2002

Staff: 2003 – 2006

Favourite Meal: Dinner on the Green

Favourite Activities: Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

Most Memorable Summer: 2002 CIT Summer

Favourite Camp Moment: Winning treasure hunt during ALUMNI/LTP colour war

What I’ll never forget: The heart-pounding anticipation when your bus finally arrives at camp – everyone knows the feeling.

About the Cause

As kids living in North America, we are fortunate enough to have unlimited access to sports. As a camper, Wahanowin provided me with a platform to take part in various sporting activities. Whether it was Intercamp, Colourwar, or daily routines there was never a shortage of opportunities…. Continue reading »


Alumni Day 2012

The second weekend of the summer we hosted Alumni Day at camp. Over 200 former campers and staff came to Wahanowin to relive old memories, rekindle old friendships and reconnect with their camp experience. It was a wonderful day highlighted by great activities, a baseball tournament, a singsong and cheering in the Dining Hall as well as a special tribute to Harold Nashman. However, the greatest aspect of the day was watching everyone interact and connect like they never left. Some of the Alumni had only been away for a couple of years, while others hadn’t been at camp for a decade or two. Regardless of the time away from Wahanowin, it took only a few minutes to recapture the spirit, energy and excitement for camp. Thanks to our alumni and their families for a fantastic alumni day! We hope to see you all again soon.

Special thanks to Justin Orfus for joining the Waha TV crew as a guest host! Continue reading »

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DJ Dave is Thinking About Camp!


I can’t believe the summer is almost here!

I put my brainstorming hat on last week to get the creative juices flowing for the 2012 program, and I must say, there’s nothing I enjoy more than brainstorming CAMP FUN!  Talk about a place you can let your imagination run wild, and know, the crazier you are, the more appreciated you are.  That’s the thing I love most about going to camp year after year – It’s a place I can let loose.  I can wear socks with crocs, knowing, that even though the PG through LTP girls mock me, I can hold my head up high, because camp fashion has no boundaries.  I can fantasize about dressing up, as a cross-dressing zombie-clown from outer space to host an event, knowing, that a girl I may have a crush on, will still respect me afterwards – she may even ask for my number. I can rest easy, knowing, that I don’t have to worry about asking for numbers, or planning programs to finally get kid’s heads out of their smartphones, because they’re not allowed at camp!!!  What a wonderful device-free world where attention spans lengthen, and kids are brought back to our humble beginnings, when people got on stage to sing and dance for each other!   I Love it! Continue reading »

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Open Your Eyes to April’s New Amazing Charity


So in a nutshell….7 days ago I got a crazy idea for Midnight Madness only this time in “The City”!

This is what happened… Continue reading »