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Bruce’s Blog: Crazy Cabin Reunion Challenge Winners


It’s been a very busy Fall at the Wahanowin head office as we’ve been planning spectacular stuff for the 2012, WahanoWOW summer. It certainly seems like a lot of campers are getting excited for camp and returning to the sunny shores of Lake Couchiching. We had a wonderful response to our Crazy Cabin Reunion Challenge that exceeded expectations. Congratulations to the following 2011 cabins for meeting the challenge and earning a Crazy Cabin Reunion at Wahanowin prior to next summer:

BBs: Cabin 5B

Bears: Cabins: 8, 9 and 10

Eagles: Cabin 12

Seniors: Cabin 20

Grads: Cabins 24, 26, 27

P.G.s: Cabins 28, 29 and 33

Alumni: 42A, 42B, 43A and 43B

LTP: LTP 2 and LTP 5

 There are many cabins that got very close but did not quite qualify. In fact, at least eight cabins were only one or two campers away from winning the challenge.

 For all the winning cabins, stay tuned to for more details about when the reunion will take place, the schedule, transportation and any other special announcements in regards to this Crazy Cabin Reunion! Plus, every cabin that met the challenge, qualifies for the Lucky Limo Lottery and could travel to camp next summer in their own luxury Limo-bus. the winner of this draw will be announced closer to camp in the Spring.

 Have a healthy and Happy Hanukkah and enjoy the holiday season. We look forward to seeing you at the Crazy Cabin Reunion and of course back at Wahanowin next summer!

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