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The LTP unit is off to an amazing summer after the first ten days, and it feels like we have cramped a whole summer’s worth of events into the first ten days!  The campers are really embracing their leadership role as the oldest campers in camp, and have been nothing but loud and enthusiastic!

The first major program of the summer was the introduction to the annual BB Bear/LTP buddy program.  Every summer each LTP camper is given a buddy from the BB Bear unit, which is the youngest unit in camp, consisting of campers ranging from five to eight years old.  As the LTP unit head I was so proud of the LTP’s for their amazingly warm, and mature approach to the program, and every buddy pairing was an instant success! We followed up our first buddy event, with the buddy service last Friday night, where the theme of the service was heroes.  The BB Bear buddies provided the camp with lots of cute lines, stating how their LTP buddies are already heroes, and the LTP campers spoke about the importance of heroes in all of our lives.  It was a huge success!

On another note, last week was also the annual LTP hiking trip!  This trip is known as one of the best trips that Wahanowin sends out and even before the bus left, the spirits and anticipation in our unit was at a very high level!  On the second day of the trip, the unit went on a hike which ends at a location called the “Grato”, which is a cave with bone chilling water.  All of the LTP’s jumped into the water and the unit had a blast while doing it!  One by one each camper would step up to the Grato,  jump off a little “cliff”, and the whole unit would chant each camper’s name! It was an amazing experience to be a part of.

One amazing result from the hiking trip was the unit bonding that occurred and the new relationships, which were formed.  I believe it is normal when campers arrive to camp, to instantly gravitate towards only their cabin mates, but after this trip our whole unit seemed like one big cabin! Every camper was bonding with the whole unit and all of the counselors, not just their own.  The trip truly created a great unit dynamic, which is for sure a large step forward, in creating a summer to remember for the LTP unit!

I hope all of you are enjoying all of the amazing Waha TV footage and are all excited for Visitor’s Day, which is already a week from Saturday! The summer sure is flying by, but our unit is doing our best to live every day to the fullest and take advantage of every possible opportunity!  See everybody soon!

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