Camp Wahanowin

Wahanowin is off to a sizzling start!

Dear Wahanowin Families,

We have had a terrific start to the 2018 season and camp is now in full swing.

While we embrace warm weather, we are experiencing the hottest start to camp in many years.  A number of proactive measures have been taken to navigate through the current heat wave, including the following:

1.  We’ve started the summer with two waterfront afternoons and will continue to do so as long as the weather requires it. The entire camp is participating in waterfront activities for the entire afternoon.

2.  We have added an afternoon frozen snack in addition to our morning ‘snack attack’.

3.  In addition to our seven water fountains, we have added 4 additional ice water stations in different locations around camp.

4.  Three water spray cooling stations have been set up for campers to walk or run through at any time to cool off.

5.  At the end of every evening program, campers have the opportunity to take a quick dip in the lake to cool off before bedtime. There are showers in every cabin so campers can also to take a cold shower before bed.

6.  Campers and staff are reminded at every meal to remain hydrated and to drink in between meals.

7.  As always, campers cannot leave their cabins for activities in the morning without applying sunscreen.  We are also ensuring that sunscreen is re-applied throughout the day.

8.  Rest Hour has been extended after lunch so that campers can stay in cabins, out of the sun during peak times.

The forecast is looking fantastic but the heat wave should break in a couple of days. Our hot weather protocol will remain in place as long as necessary but this unusual weather won’t have any impact on the great programs we have planned for the upcoming week.   We look forward to continuing our great start to the summer of 2018 and Living the Camp Life at Wahanowin!

All the best,