Camp Wahanowin

Meet the 2013 Unit Heads: Orlee


Orlee Benson  – LTP Unit Head

Hi LTP Unit!

After a bit of debate and decision making I came to the conclusion that there is nowhere else I would rather spend my summer than at Camp Wahanowin with all of you! It is a rare opportunity that a unit head gets the privilege to spend 3 consecutive summers with the same group of campers but I could not have asked for a more ideal situation.

As my 4th year as a Unit Head approaches I can honestly say I have never been more excited going into a summer at camp. The LTP unit is one with some very unique qualities. I am anxious and eager to watch everyone grow extremely close and become one. It is something exclusive to LTP that I cannot fully explain. I am not sure if it is the age, the maturity, the fact that you know this is your last summer as a camper or none of the above but it is a trait that without fail happens summer after summer in LTP and I cannot wait to be a part of this bonding experience.

I am excited to spend the most LTPerfect summer with all my favorite campers. I am LTPumped to make incredible memories and get to know you all even better. I am so looking forward to all the special things the LTP unit has to offer especially our 2 trips – Hiking and Niagara. My LTP summer is one is still have vivid memories of from 10 summers ago when I was a camper and 5 summers ago when I was a counselor and I am LTPrepared to make an LTPromise that this summer will be more memorable, fun and amazing then those 2 summers were for me combined. And don’t worry LTParents we will take lots of LTPictures along the way!

I know there are 5 more months left unit the busses roll into the main gate but there is not one day I don’t think about all the wonderful things we have ahead of us this summer. Get ready LTP, I know this is your last summer as campers but I guarantee it will be the best summer yet!

Love you lots! 



  • King of Mexico- Black David

    yes orlee yes

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    I agree with the david

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    yeah black david

  • David Beno

    what do i won?

  • David Beno

    I’m trying to return to camp this year, but im not shure i can

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