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Survivor 2018 Day 3

August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Archery, Riflery

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We’re always on target at the Wahanowin Archery program. This traditional camp sport is a very fun and popular activity. Our brand new Archery Range provides the ideal venue with the latest equipment to learn the skills of this Olympic sport. Qualified and experienced instructors teach the basic techniques and safety requirements so that campers can enjoy and excel in this program. The standard ringed target is used for archery levels plus novelty targets like decks of cards, archery baseball, posters, balloons and moving targets on a pulley keeps campers involved and interested. Archery is a regular scheduled cabin activity and is also open three times a week at General Swim.


The Wahanowin Riflelry program stresses safety and respect for the sport. We use air rifles that shoot pellets that are low calibre guns. Experienced instructors teach campers the parts of the rifle, proper shooting techniques while lying down and sitting. Our brand new Rifle Range has a covered shooting area and offers both stationary and moving targets. The traditional ringed target is used for proper sighting and aiming techniques as well as for camper levels plus a variety of novelty targets are used for games and competitions. Riflery is a scheduled camper cabin activity for all campers in grade three and older and is also open three times a week at General Swim.