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August 19, 2018 at 12:41 am

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Swim, Waterslide, Water Park

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The Wahanowin swim docks make a big splash every day of the summer. Every unit comes down to swim five times a week for lessons. We offer both Red Cross and Royal Life Saving Society levels and campers will often progress two or more levels during their stay at camp. Older campers have the opportunity to achieve their lifeguard qualifications by taking their Bronze and Bronze Cross awards.

Swim is also open every day before dinner during “general swim” for recreational swimming. Our brand new docks and rafts combined with a firm sand bottom and no rocks, make our swim area an ideal place to learn, cool off in the beautiful waters and have fun.


50 metres of high speed fun and excitement describes the Wahanowin waterslide. Campers slide down on water mats into the refreshing waters of Lake Couchiching finishing with a big splash as they glide out into the lake. Everyone tries to streamline their technique so they can break the waterslide time record. This scheduled activity is a perfect mix of fun, excitement, skills and thrills and allows all participants to remain cool on hot summer days.

Water Park

Two Trampolines, a Bridge, Balancing Log and a Launch Pad make the Wahanowin Water Park a wave of activity. All the latest and greatest toys with new additions every year keeps everyone jumping, flying, bouncing, laughing and having a wet and wild time. Cabins are scheduled for Water Park a couple of times a week plus it is open everyday for General Swim. Jump in, the water’s fine!